Smoking Gun Video Shows Israel Bombing Hospital – Media Blackout

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Video shows Israel bombing their own hospital

The Israeli government has been caught deleting video evidence online proving that the hospital bombing was an inside job carried out by their own military.

On Tuesday, the Netanyahu regime deleted a video that they initially boasted showed Hamas bombing a Baptist hospital in Gaza.

Their initial post was edited to delete the video, though they left up the same vague cover story.

Information Liberation reports: Damning sound analysis from X user Lord Bebo suggests the strike was most likely carried out by Israel with an extremely powerful US-supplied JDAM missile (the US announced just days ago they were sending Israel more JDAMs).

The IDF’s Hananya Naftali initially hailed the strike in a now-deleted tweet, claiming “Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza.”

“A multiple number of terrorists are dead,” Naftali said. “It’s heartbreaking that Hamas is launching rockets from hospitals, Mosques, schools, and using civilians as human shields. #Hamas_Is_ISIS.”

“Why did u delete your initial tweet?” X user Censored Men responded. “You’ve already confirmed that Netanyahu has put you on an official Israeli task force to control the narrative online, this means you get information from Israeli intelligence BEFORE the media does.”

“This means that your initial tweet most likely got checked by Israeli intelligence officials before you were allowed to post it. But then you deleted it,” Censored Men added. “Maybe they told you to retract the initial script of Hamas using the hospital as a human shield, and now it’s a misfired Hamas rocket that hit the hospital. Very suspicious.”

Israel released another video they claimed “documented the moment” an Islamic Jihad rocket which “misfired and hit a hospital in Gaza” but the timestamp did not line up.

Meanwhile, after the strike took place U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt and Israeli Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism Michal Cotler-Wunsh rushed out a statement “condemning Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks and denouncing rising antisemitism around the world.”

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