84th Holistic Doctor Found Murdered – Police Appeal For Witnesses

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84th holistic doctor found murdered

Rhode Island Police have confirmed that another holistic doctor has been found murdered, bringing the total number of dead ‘alternative’ doctors to 84. 

67-year-old chiropractor, Dr. Clive Bridgham, was found murdered in his home on Thursday, and police are asking members of the public for help in finding his killer.

Healthnutnews.com reports: On Saturday, a police detail waved visitors away from Bridgham’s house at 160 Pleasant St., which is set back on a long dirt driveway next to Bridgham Farm, an open field popular with dog walkers that leads to the Turner Reservoir.

Few neighbors knew Bridgham, an avid skier and surfer who had an office in Barrington. Debra Jamrug of Pleasant Street had nothing but nice things to say about Bridgham, who was her landlord.

“I’m in complete shock,” she said. “He was a very gracious landlord — very pleasant and understanding. He told me that he retired in October due to health reasons.”

Bridgham voluntarily suspended his license on Sept. 9, according to Joseph Wendelken, a spokesman for the Department of Health. This came after Bridgham “began a therapeutic relationship” in spring 2016 with a patient.  The patient complained that the doctor had violated the boundaries of a patient-physician relationship during sessions, according to paperwork filed when the doctor surrendered his license.

In 2003, the state had ordered Bridgham to undergo evaluation from the Professional Renewal Center in Kansas after he had sex with one of his patients.

According to a consent order from 2003, Bridgham was treating siblings at his practice. One of the siblings died, causing the other to become depressed.

We do not condone this behavior at all, but are surprised how many chiropractors end up dating their patients, some of them even openly.

“The respondent became close to the remaining sibling and continued to provide chiropractic care,” according to the document. “The Respondent invited this patient to the Newport Creamery and later to his home where they engaged in sexual contact.”

On Bridgham’s Facebook page, Samantha Rose Alden described him as “one of the nicest human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

“I’ll never forget the lessons he taught me while under his employment and I’ll never forget the smile every single one of his patients left the office wearing … ” she wrote.

Another Facebook poster, Chris Jastram, said Bridgham taught him about surfing and the rock band Green Day.

“He was always a mentor … ” Jastram wrote. “A good man who helped my soul on its journey through life … May your soul rest in peace, Dr. Clive Bridgham, till you wish to surf again the blue waters.”

Bridgham was a past president of the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island. He was selected by the Rio Olympic Sports Medicine Committee to assist the health services team during the 2016 Summer Games.


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  1. Time to close these monsters down stop buying their products I know you will get better in mind and body if you do lets bankrupt them by boycotting them all of us must start now

    • Time to close the Pharmaceutical Companies down, they are causing far more deaths that any holistic doctor or chiropractor!!! Also do the country a favor

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