Netanyahu’s New Adviser Said “Supreme Leader Biden” Was “Slowly But Surely Destroying America”

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After starting new job, he now says: ‘I Don’t Hold Those Views Today’

Netanyahu adviser Zwick

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s has appointed a new media adviser who has, in the not so distant past, been highly critically against US President Joe Biden.

Gilad Zwick, a journalist with a conservative Israeli TV station, has called Biden “unfit” to rule and claimed that he was “slowly but surely destroying America.”

He has also posted tweets suggesting that he supported President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 U.S. election was rigged. He retweeted multiple posts advancing claims that Trump had won the election.

However, it appears that under pressure from leftist Israel-haters, Zwick has had to delete his Twitter account and retract his tweets. He now says that he no longer believes President Biden is “ruining America” or that Donald Trump should rightfully be in Biden’s place.

TGP reports: Conservative Israeli Channel 14 TV journalist Gilad Zwick has charged former Vice President Joe Biden with “slowly but surely destroying America” and called him “Supreme Leader Biden,” left-wing anti-Israel Ha’aretz newspaper hyperventilated: “Over the past two years, Zwick has utilized his Twitter account, which has garnered approximately 30,000 followers, to criticize Biden and his ability to fulfill his role as president.”

“The media is doing everything to hide Biden’s incompetence, yet the Chinese, Russians and Iranians are not stupid, they understand well that there is no leadership in Washington,” Zwick wrote last July, according to Ha’aretz.

“This election will not be settled without a fight,” Zwick wrote on Twitter three days after the 2020 U.S. presidential election: “Hopefully the right-wing elected officials here [in Israel] will learn a thing or two about courage and determination from their American counterparts,” he added.

Zwick also retweeted a post of the infamous Atlanta ballot-counting video at State Farm Center with the words: “Video from Atlanta, Georgia — after they cleared out the observers and the media and were told that the count was over, there were still four workers left. What did they do? They took out suitcases with ballots from under the table, began to scan vigorously for at least two hours – of course without any supervision.”

Zwick stated that the Atlanta workers “counted 18,000 votes” more than the margin by which Biden beat Trump in the state.

He has also shared allegations against Dominion Voting Systems: “Dominion representatives recanted and refused to appear before Pennsylvania lawmakers about the security of their machines.”

The tweet was captioned “What do they have to hide?”, Ha’aretz reported.

Zwick has also called BLM “an org aspiring to violent revolution in the US that ignores the fact that blacks are murdered mainly by blacks… alongside a little antisemitism & support for Palestinians.”

Under pressure from leftist Israel-haters, Zwick has had to delete his Twitter account and retract his based tweets: “I don’t hold those views today and I will act in a completely professional manner in the prime minister’s office,” Zwick said, according to AP.

Dear Gilad, never apologize for the truth. You are welcome to write for the Gateway Pundit anytime 😉

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