CNN Mocked For Decribing Kenosha Protests As “Mostly Peaceful”

Fact checked by The People's Voice Community

CNN and one of their reporters have been blasted online after describing the ‘protests’ in Kenosha as “mostly peaceful” while showing viewers the exact opposite.

CNN’s Omar Jimenez, who was reporting live from a neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin told viewers that protests were “largely peaceful” during the day, but that “things began to get a little bit more contentious” when night fell.

However, as he spoke, buildings and vehicles could be seen burning in the background. The scenes of destruction and chaos behind him were quite different to what the network captioned as “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.”

RT reports: A cohort of online commentators quickly built up, expressing anger and frustration over the tone of the coverage and its language. “Is that like, ‘deadly, but mostly enjoyable car accidents?’Like — does this make sense?” a CNN critic asked.

Some pulled no punches and suggested that CNN should compare their language to the reality. One asked if throwing “a mostly peaceful Molotov cocktail in their living room” would amount to the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

There were those who questioned the quality of CNN’s reporting, and referred to instances when other US established media had aired a similar blunder. Back in May, MSNBC host and Emmy nominee Ali Velshi faced an avalanche of online criticism when he was reporting live from a burning neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed. 

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