WEF Bans Natural Conception: All Babies Must Be Lab-Grown by 2030

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The tyranny is spreading. The global elites at the World Economic Forum are now making moves to control the genetic material of every child who is born into the world in future generations.

The tyranny is spreading. The global elites at the World Economic Forum are now making moves to control the genetic material of every child who is born into the world in future generations.

According to the WEF, humanity will be better equipped to deal with the challenges of the future if unborn children undergo gene editing to ensure they are free of diseases and disabilities, including psychological traits which the elite disapprove of.

The WEF is laying the groundwork to take over every aspect of our lives.

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Not content with editing the genes of everybody who signed up for an experimental mRNA jab, the global elite are now threatening to edit the genes of our children – before they are even born.

To perpetrate this crime against humanity, the WEF have been developing artificial wombs which will be able to develop a fetus outside of a mother’s body.

Given the the deeply Satanic nature of the WEF agenda, it would have been more appropriate if the scientists experimented on bringing a horned goat to life.

Growing human babies from scratch in a lab could be possible in just five years thanks to a new breakthrough.

Now WEF-funded researchers in Japan are on the cusp of being able to create human eggs and sperm in the lab from scratch, without the need for human sexual reproduction. These lab-grown human eggs and sperm will then develop in an artificial womb.

Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi, a Japanese scientist at Kyushu University who has already figured out the process in mice, believes they are just five years away from replicating the results in humans and allowing the elite to implement their long-held dreams of playing god with the human race. 

But there are ethical concerns, as it means women of any age, including per-pubescent girls, could give birth. Babies may also be designed to have certain traits using gene-editing tools, giving way to the notion of an assumed perfect child. 

And given who is funding this project, it is worth asking: what do the global elite think the perfect gene-edited human specimen of the future looks like?

In case you are still wondering what is driving the elites’ agenda, Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, who is known as “the Prophet” among the Davos crowd, has doubled down on the elite’s plans to play God.

In his deeply disturbing manifesto, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, Harari dropped strong hints about the traits the elites are planning to gene-edit into future generations of compliant, docile human beings by building a “genetic child catalogue.”

We apologize for the unpleasant robotic voice reading Harari’s text… but it kinda fits his soulless, godless vision for humanity.

Harari couldn’t resist reminding us that only a select few of the earth’s current billions of inhabitants will be lucky enough to survive the great depopulation.

They want us under a totalitarian control system and they want us genetically incapable of resistance. To achieve this, Harari and his cronies are resurrecting eugenics, with a modern twist.

Harari has been excitedly declaring that God is dead, and the WEF are assuming divine powers of creation and destruction, and the mainstream media has almost completely ignored their evil agenda.

While the media have provided cover for these technocommunist psychopaths, the elite have been allowed to work towards the eradication of our sovereignty at national and individual levels. This is serfdom 2.0.

They have admitted that their intention is to deprive us of everything, consume insects as food, reside in confined spaces, and be desensitized by virtual reality devices and pharmaceutical drugs. In this future, the global state will own everything. They will even own us.

The implementation of this plan is already underway.

This is a naked power grab by unelected elites. They are determined to gain control over every aspect of your life, including the genetics of your unborn children. This is a globalist totalitarian dictatorship and we must spread the word about their plans so we can defeat them.

Klaus Schwab has told us that the CCP’s China is the model for the future of the world. Is this a world you want for your children and your children’s children?

At this hour, it is not hyperbole to say that our most basic freedoms, and the freedom of future generations, depend on how we respond to the threat of this globalist coup.

These shadowy elites have been working quietly behind the scenes for decades, but in recent years we have exposed them to the light. And we are slowly but surely winning the fight. More and more people are waking up to their agenda.

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