New York Blanketed In Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Sparking ‘Code Red’ Warning

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wildfire smoke NYC

New Yorkers are wearing face masks again after thick smoke coming from wildfires in Canada descended on the city.

Pictures show an orange glow hanging above New York City as the sun set and iconic structures such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty are concealed in the smoke.

Schumer, and others, are already bleating on about climate change

But what we really need to be asking is: who benefits? and who started them?

Or did we just find out what happened to the stolen ammonium nitrate?

Some blame lax forest management, arguing that not enough controlled burns are being carried out thanks to campaigns by environmentalists.

In 2020, scientists wrote a paper published in Progress in Disaster Science in which they stated that not enough money was being spent by Canada on managing forests.

The Mail Online reports: Air quality levels throughout the city were ‘very unhealthy’, according to the US government online platform AirNow, which also warned against outdoor activities.

Across from Manhattan in the Bronx, Yankees fans watching the evening’s baseball described being able to smell the smoke filling the stadium.

Meanwhile, a game involving their Minor League affiliate, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, was postponed ‘due to poor air quality,’ the team announced.

In parts of Brooklyn and Queens the Air Quality Index was as high as 226 at around 11pm. AQI numbers vary between 0 and 500. Anything higher than 200 is considered rare and potentially dangerous.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul warned that an advisory was in effect and shared a map indicating where in the state the smoke was particularly dangerous.

The Rural Health Network of South Central New York shared on Twitter a post informing residents that cloth masks would not shield them from wildfire smoke and that a ‘well-fitted’ N95 was in order.

On Wednesday the air quality is expected to worsen. 

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