Charles mourning a tyrant: Is it time to chop off the Royal Family?

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Charles mourning a tyrant: Is it time to chop off the Royal Family?

In the past few weeks the British Royal Family have really excelled themselves. A great article by the Daily Mirror today, highlights recent events and reminds us that the Royal Family still rule by our consent…They need our money, they need our taxes and they need our politicians, to vote through their spending plans. They cannot rule with only our disgust to keep them afloat.

The Mirror reports:

‘But now let’s take today’s Royal news, in which Prince Charles is expected to fly – in either a taxpayer-funded Royal Flight jet, a Queen-funded private jet or a rather cheaper scheduled flight we’ll also pay for can get him there – to Saudi Arabia, a country the rest of us are warned to be careful travelling to.

That nation’s dip-dyed old despot King Abdullah has died and Charles – who considered him a “personal friend” – wants to pay his respects. Non-Muslims can’t attend the funeral (heavens above) but there will be a reception, where Charlie boy will mourn with some fruit juice the death of a man whose response to the rise of Islamic State next door in Iraq was to build a big wall.

That’s the same king whose nation exported 1,000 jihadis to join IS; created Mr O. Bin Laden Esquire; was home to most of the 9/11 hijackers; bars women from voting, driving, and without a male guardian’s permission getting married, divorced, being operated on, travelling, or landing a job; and which last year passed a law making it a terrorist act to be an atheist, join a political party, protest, campaign for reform, talk to groups like Human Rights Watch or otherwise “shake the social fabric“.

The only reason I can see to attend King Abdullah’s funeral reception is to be sure the old bastard is really dead.

And, presumably, if you’ve been at the centre of the modern world’s most notorious case of adultery you’ve had a written promise they won’t give you the same 100 lashes everyone else gets.

No, Charlie’s going because the man with Kiwi shoe polish on his chin was a “personal friend” whose government just happened to purchase £1.6billion of UK-built weapons and munitions last year and occasionally would criticise the fascists running riot in the Middle East if not actually do anything much to discourage them.

If that’s your idea of a personal friend, Charles, I’d hate to see your idea of a tyrannical sociopath blind to history, progress or his own failings.

What bit of any of this has been done with our consent? What part of their goings-on meets with public approval in order to be funded by the public purse?’

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