Ex-Defense Chief Urges British Government To Send Troops To Syria

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Former British defense chief Lord Richards says the recent strikes on Syria were a “missed opportunity” and has urged Prime Minister Theresa May to send troops to Syria to protect the people from their president.

During an interview with BBC Radio, Richards stressed that the West should establish a protection zone in the Syrian province of Idlib, where he believes President Bashar Assad’s forces will attack next.

He warned that hundreds of thousands are trapped and face impending fresh slaughter in the next few weeks.

Sputnik news reports: According to Richards, UK troops should be deployed to Idlib “in a defensive mode.”

Speaking about the recent US-led coalition airstrike on Syria he said, “It was the right thing to do, but I would have probably put a bit more effort into it though. I would have made it more punishing to ram home the requirement never to use chemical weapons again.”

“You could have hit airfields, and other targets. This was designed to send a narrow lesson of punishment and not to risk any wider conflagration,” he added.

“But the result is it’s a lost opportunity to change the course of the war,” Lord Richards stated.

On April 14, the United Kingdom, the United States and France launched strikes at Syria over alleged reports of a chemical attack in the city of Douma, with the three countries firing over 100 missiles at the country.

Syria’s President Bashar Assad has slammed the attack as an act of “aggression,” while Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the airstrikes “violated the norms of international law, including the UN Charter and caused major damage to the process of peacefully settling the Syrian crisis.


  1. None of the countries sending troops to Syria care about people….what other countries are they helping? They are proxy wars for Israel to kill Palestinians. To have peace on earth, Israel has to go.

  2. Euthanasia is applicable to some retired war mongers don’t’ you think?? It is sad, one would think that the older one gets, wisdom and the value of human life would increase; however, not the case here.

  3. The idiot Lord Richards should know that Idlib is now a Jihadist hellhole. Al-nusra (al qaeda) and affiliates are fighting Jabhat Tahrir Souriya, with over 1000 militant deaths being reported. These are the remnants of the western-trained and funded proxy ‘army’. Richards should be air-dropped there and left to sort it out.

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