Video: Everything You’ve Been Told About Syria Is A Lie

Fact checked

Eva Bartlett is an independent Canadian journalist and rights activist with extensive experience in the Gaza Strip, where she lived from late 2008 to early 2013

She has also been on the ground in Syria on several occasions since April 2014, sometimes with mainstream media journalists and sometimes independently

In the following video, Eva explains how the mainstream media has been lying about events in Syria.


  1. About Syria? Is a lie? Are you Syrias about that?
    If only. Much of history if not a lie, has been misrepresented.
    Much of our institutions and the history of our legal system has been misrepresented.
    There is pretty much no public institution that is, that is not a corporation. Its is ‘of the dead that walks the earth’.
    It is a legal, corpse, with legal presence, minus the divine spark of ‘inspiration’, the ‘divine breath of life’.
    The origin of all esoteric occult-ism, the realisation we are alive.
    The utter majesty of the true divine that animates us, with every heart beat. That true intimate moment when you know another is alive as you feel that beat, the flow and ebb of breath. The current of life.
    The truth of imagination. Nikola Tesla put his inventions together from imagination. So connected to the flow of life, the connection to the divine, that his imagination was one of reflection than fantasy. His fantasies created the modern world. He is called the father of the modern age by some.
    Today the fantasies of most involve pornhub, 50 shades, 50 shoes, subjugation to ideology.

    When every level is depolarised, the rhythm grows silent. The last syllable of the one verse is sung. The universe.

  2. we are told lies rhats true.And the first casualty of war is the truth as someone once said .But the biggest lie is freedom ,equality and fraternity.or Liberty No one is free and equals don’t butcher infants or children and fraternitiy isn’t found in a guillotines bucket.

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