Hollywood Celebrities Announce Plan to Damage US Economy To Defeat Trump

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Hollywood celebrities are calling for an "economic shutdown" that will "slow the economy down" to the tune of $238.2 billion per day in a desperate effort to damage President Donald Trump's re-election prospects.

Hollywood celebrities are calling for an “economic shutdown” that will “slow the economy down” to the tune of billions of dollars per day in a desperate attempt to damage President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects.

The leftist plan to hit Trump where it hurts — his roaring economy — has been brewing for years, as liberals slowly came to the understanding they were unable to defeat Trump at the ballot box without resorting to underhand tactics.

I hope for a recession to get rid of Trump. Sorry if that hurts people,” HBO host Bill Maher said in 2018.

Now Patricia Arquette is urging Americans to participate in an organized one-day economic shutdown that is specifically designed to inflict damage on the U.S. economy and hurt President Trump.

Arquette posted a message to Instagram on Thursday promoting the March 2 event, ordering her followers to refrain from spending any money for a 24-hour period as part of the #resist movement against the Trump administration.


Breitbart report: Arquette’s post claims that the goal of the economic boycott is to “cause a $238.2 billion dollar blip on the federal government’s records.

It remains unclear who is organizing the boycott, but it appears that it originated with the Twitter account @Lee8772, which said that there will be similar day-long boycotts each month through the November election.

This will not cause us to go into a recession, but it will slow the economy down,” the account says. “It will show the GOP that Americans are coming together & we’re demanding changes starting with the removal of Trump.”

The account said that only emergency purchases will be exempted from the boycott.

Arquette isn’t the first Hollywood celebrity to advocate for damaging the U.S. economy in order to hurt President Trump, even if it means ordinary Americans will have to bear the brunt of a slowdown. Comedian Bill Maher has repeatedly said on his HBO show that he hopes the U.S. goes into a recession if it means that the Trump administration will suffer.

I hope for a recession to get rid of Trump. Sorry if that hurts people,” Maher said in 2018.

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