Mask Mandates Caused MORE COVID Deaths, Study Concludes

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Mask mandates caused more COVID deaths, study finds

Mask mandates caused higher COVID death rates, according to bombshell claims made in a new study.

The observational study – “The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which Facemasks Contribute to the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate” – was published in Medicine in February 2022, authored by German doctor Zacharias Fögen. reports: The paper analyzed “whether mandatory mask use influenced the case fatality rate in Kansas” during the time period of August 1st, 2020 to October 15th. Kansas was used for comparison because the state allowed each of its 105 counties to decide whether or not to implement mask mandates, with 81 counties deciding against the measure.

“The most important finding from this study is that contrary to the accepted thought that fewer people are dying because infection rates are reduced by masks, this was not the case,” summarized the paper.

“Results from this study strongly suggest that mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or ∼50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates.”

The study also posited a potential reason for the disparity in risk ratio (RR) for dying from COVID-19:

“A rationale for the increased RR by mandating masks is probably that virions that enter or those coughed out in droplets are retained in the facemask tissue, and after quick evaporation of the droplets, hypercondensed droplets or pure virions (virions not inside a droplet) are re-inhaled from a very short distance during inspiration.”

Dubbed the “Foegen effect,” the theory suggests that COVID-19 “virions spread (because of their smaller size) deeper into the respiratory tract.”

“They bypass the bronchi and are inhaled deep into the alveoli, where they can cause pneumonia instead of bronchitis, which would be typical of a virus infection.”

“These findings suggest that mask use might pose a yet unknown threat to the user instead of protecting them, making mask mandates a debatable epidemiologic intervention,” concludes the paper.

The study follows another recently published analysis of international data showing the same relationship between COVID-19 and masks.


  1. Learned gekessenss relies on people coming with orders that they know are stupid or futile or ridiculous or contrary.

  2. No, the doctors that refused to treat people early on with HCQ caused most the deaths. I supposedly caught covids, I told my doctor I tested positive and had symptoms, she offered no treatment, just go home and get better. This is what we shut down the world for? I recovered after tricking another doctor into giving me antibiotics for pnemonia. after taking the five day prescription, my lungs immediately started clearing up hours after the first dose.

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