Outrage As South African Pastor Uses Insecticide To ‘Heal’ People

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Outrage As South African Pastor Uses Insecticide To ‘Heal’ Cancer & HIV

A South African pastor has been slammed by a group representing 88 denominations and churches for spraying his congregation with insecticide, claiming it can heal cancer and HIV and other diseases.

‘Prophet’ Lethebo Rabalago from the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo, South Africa, uses an insect killer to supposedly ‘heal’ his church members.

There was uproar on social media after photos emerged of him spraying the chemical directly onto people’s faces and body parts during a service and prayer meeting over the weekend.

The self-proclaimed prophet,who has been dubbed the ‘Prophet of Doom’ uses an insect spray called ‘Doom’ claiming it can heal individuals from several diseases.

RT reports:

Despite the controversy, the 24-year-old pastor defended his actions and he was “glorifying God” with his actions, according to local news site Herald Live.

“It’s not a matter of inspiration,” he said. “When one is inspired you are copying. It’s not a matter of inspiration. No one inspired me. I just believe in God for anything. We can use anything that you believe to heal people.”


A group called Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA) which represents the 88 major denominations and churches in the country called Rabalago’s actions “unlawful and illegal”.

“While we believe that the Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ healed people of all manner of diseases and ailments during His earthly ministry‚ He always did so in a way that protected their dignity as human beings made in the image of God,” the group said.

“On no occasion did He act in a way that caused physical harm to people or further endangered their health. As such‚ these reported actions are completely contrary to both biblical teaching and practice.”

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