MMR Vaccine Autism Link Gains Worldwide Momentum

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The dangers of the MMR vaccine and its links with autism are gaining worldwide momentum, as more and more people are attempting to take vaccine-makers to court, whilst media outlets speak out against its dangers.

Stories such as Japan banning the MMR vaccine in 1993 over health fears,  Merck scientists falsifying vaccine data, and Mexico suspending its MMR vaccines due to infant deaths – have fueled the debate over the safety of the MMR vaccine and seen governments and media worldwide seriously reevaluate their safety. reports:

The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the MMR shot and autism, but you can’t tell that to countless parents like Aidan Quinn. The Irish actor says his daughter was healthy and perfectly normal until she received the MMR vaccine.

“So we had a normal child that was walking, talking, doing everything way faster than she was supposed to. Then, after an MMR she got 106 fever and turned blue and woke up the next day with dark circles and not knowing who she was.”

Parents all over America report that their children were fine the day they received the MMR vaccine – moments, hours, or days passed and the lights went out. The child they knew was gone, lost forever.

Vaccine Court

Naturally, you would expect vaccine-injured families to sue vaccine makers, but our government has passed laws to make it illegal to sue pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries or deaths. Instead a special vaccine court hears cases and passes judgment. All vaccines are taxed. These taxes are pooled and used for any and all awards made by the vaccine court.

As of May 2011, there were 13,755 claims filed in the federal government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). As of that time 2,621 awards had been paid: a ratio of about 1 in 5 complainants received compensation with 5,277 cases dismissed and 5,857 cases pending.

Knowing how the MMR vaccine interacts with other vaccines is an additional issue that has never been addressed. No studies for the cumulative effects of the MMR vaccine with all of the other vaccines in the schedule seem to exist.

Many argue that the triple shot is the problem – that the vaccines need to be separated because they overwhelm the immune system. And doctors do not seem to have any clear guidelines when it comes to administering vaccines off schedule. Stories about childhood deaths or vaccine injuries after a child was injected with multiple vaccines (such as the MMR along with the DTP and more) are frequent.

Others argue that measles, mumps, and rubella are mild childhood diseases that rarely cause serious side effects, especially in countries with good medical care and effective treatment for secondary infections, should one occur. And some argue that the death count alone is higher for the vaccine than the diseases.

The Italians May Be Seeing The MMR Vaccine Differently

A landmark Italian ruling has been more straightforward in assigning blame. The Italian court has said that Valentino Bocca’s autism was provoked by the MMR vaccine that he received at 9 months old.

It’s hard to find stories like this reported in mainstream media. With many other subjects, anecdotal evidence makes for good news stories, but not with vaccine injuries. This shows a clear bias in reporting.

Pharmaceutical companies heavily fund mainstream media. They bring enormous influence to bear in how vaccines are presented in the news. People who raise questions about vaccines are labeled as “anti-vaxx fanatics”. When the CDC whistleblower first came forward, mainstream media ignored the story. The media is very quick to present the pro side of the vaccine argument. Talking heads like CNN’s Campbell Brown proclaim the judgment is in and vaccines are safe. Vaccine “experts” like Paul Offit make bold claims such as “…each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time.”

The medical model’s argument for vaccines isn’t that there is no risk of an adverse reaction, their argument is that it is a bigger risk not to vaccinate than it is to vaccinate. But when the evidence for these claims is provided primarily by studies done by the CDC, you have to question the reliability of the source.

The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (with their deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry) choose to pretend that there is no evidence of a link between vaccines and autism. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation is suspect because they get a lot of money from vaccine manufacturers to recommend their products.

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