Mysterious Large Blue Sphere Captured By NASA Cameras

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Huge blue spherical object captured zooming past the sun

Mysterious Blue Sphere Captured By NASA Cameras

Scientists and conspiracy theorists alike were left mystified after NASA cameras picked up a mysterious blue spherical object zooming past the Sun on November 17th

Taken from NASA’s STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) satellites which orbits the Sun, the images show the large sphere in clear view, before going missing from other frames.

In response to much online speculation about the blue sphere, NASA said while there is a coronal hole on the surface of the sun at the moment, it was not captured in the images.

They say the strange sighting was actually just an example of a “corrupted image” of the Sun that occurs when, “on rare occasions,” the STEREO image processor becomes overloaded due to over exposure.

RT reports:

The series of frames, which lack annotation explaining the phenomenon, sparked a number of online theories, including a video posted by the UFOMania channel on YouTube.

The video, which has been viewed over 90,000 times, garnered many excited comments, but some were skeptical.

“Nasa would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public. And it looks like something is projecting this image in space, holographic perhaps or project blue beam,” said YouTube user Mike Sovereign.

Another user ‘oiTzBiGJo’ pointed out that it could be “a project blue beam” rather than a UFO.

Several commenters said the “sphere” could actually be nothing more than a lense flare on the telescope’s optics.

The images were also reposted by Facebook user Pamela Johnson, who stated that she thought the frames showed a craft from a group called the “Blue Spheres,” adding that there is “nothing to fear.”

While such sightings allow for imaginative theories, the reality is a lot less exciting.

NASA explains that “on rare occasions” the image processor can become “overloaded” resulting in “corrupted images.”

Such images are created from “a large number of exposures” being added together, the space agency explains. In this instance, the image is actually just the sun, although overly exposed, and not “project blue beam.”

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