ISIS Say They Plan On Detonating Gas Leak In Los Angeles

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ISIS say they have plans on detonating the gas leak in Los Angeles

A US government insider has revealed that ISIS are planning to ignite the leaking gas well in Porter Ranch in order to  “detonate Los Angeles” and flatten it. 

The gas leak, located in the Aliso Canyon gas field in Porter Ranch, has been emitting tons of methane gas for the last few months, and authorities have so far failed to plug the leak. Many have declared the situation as the worst natural disaster since the BP oil spill. reports:

The leak has pumped literally millions of cubic feet of highly explosive methane and other natural gases into the atmosphere northeast of downtown Los Angeles.  In fact, the leak prompted California Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. The breach has steadily sent 62 million cubic feet of methane gas into the air every day since October 23, according to an estimate from the Environmental Defense Fund.

Local residents are being sickened by the leak, complaining of nose bleeds, passing-out, respiratory troubles including respiratory arrest and death.  Thousands of local residents have had to be evacuated from their homes due to this leak.  Doctors in Los Angeles have taken to the airwaves telling people they should evacuate “if they can” because the health effects of this leak are turning into a medical disaster!

Now, communications intercepts of the ISIS terror group reveal they are planning to try to ignite the leak, with the hope of causing a massive detonation that will “flatten Los Angeles.”

Conversations indicate they hope to fire a rocket-propelled grenade into the gas cloud to cause a detonation.  They are also allegedly planning to float balloons equipped with lit highway flares, to float over the well to ignite it.

It is unknown at this time, whether or not such an effort could be successful, or what the results would be if the well actually did ignite.

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