Putin Endorses Trump Saying He Understands Saudi Arabia Problem

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"Russia hopes to see Mr. Trump in the Oval Office ... to stop the vicious Saudi regime," Putin announced

Vladimir Putin endorses Donald Trump saying he hopes the GOP front-runner becomes President and deals with the Saudi Arabia problem appropriately

President Vladimir Putin has endorsed Republican front-runner Donald Trump, saying that he hopes Trump becomes the next U.S. President so that the Saudi Arabia problem can be finally dealt with. 

Speaking at an annual international forum in Vladivostok, Putin criticised Obama’s foreign policy, saying that Russia will not tolerate Washington’s provocative expansion in the Baltic Sea – warning that Russia is fully prepared to defend itself.

The Russian leader heaped praise on Trump, saying that the presidential candidate has a good understanding of the threat of terrorism in the Middle-East region – praising him for recognising Saudi Arabia’s role in fuelling the sectarian civil war in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Awdnews.com reports:

“Russia hopes to see Mr. Trump in the Oval Office as a smart politician who intends to stop the decades-long vicious circle of supporting Saudi regime, which would naturally lead to further terrorist activities and chaos. Moscow won’t sit idle by while the American battleships imping on our territorial sovereignty in the Baltic Sea,” ITAR-TASS News Agency quoted President Putin as saying on Sunday.

Americans won’t elect a termagant wife [Clinton], added President Putin, who bears the disgrace of supporting Saudi-backed Jihadists in Syria.

Clinton did not conceal her zeal to support Al Qaeda-inspired rebels who wreaked havoc in Syria and dragged the wider region into today’s utter anarchy.

“We won’t let our friends in Syria to lose the war against the terrorists and we call on all nations despite Washington’s endless machinations, because it is against our Christian ethics,” said President Putin adding that Russia will throw all its military might behind Syrian government.

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