‘One Of The Greatest Scandals Of Our Time’ – Covid Mandates Were Based On A Lie Says Dutch MEP

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dutch MEP ROB Roos

Dutch MEP Rob Roos joined Tucker Carlson this week to discuss what he describes as ‘one of the greatest scandals of our time’.

Roos said: “Governments pushed millions of people worldwide to get vaccinated … they tricked perfectly healthy young people into taking this jab using false arguments…..And they used big words such as ‘anti-social’ to sow immense hatred against people who refused to comply”

He added that vaccine passports and mandates placed millions of people outside society. But there was NO evidence that the vaccine would even stop the transmission.

His comments followed a bombshell testimony by top Pfizer executive Janine Small during a hearing on the European Union’s COVID-19 response this week.

Small, who appeared in the place of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (who had been called to testify but pulled out of the hearing last month), admitted that the vaccines had never been tested for transmission before being released to the public.

Do you remember being told you needed to take the jab to ‘protect grandma’

Roos quite rightly concluded that this should have massive political consequences:

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