Swiss Scientists Find Breakthrough Cure for Paralysis

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Swiss scientists discover breakthrough cure for paralysis

Swiss scientists have made a breakthrough discovery in the quest to cure paralysis and help paralysed patients walk again.

Researchers at Swiss group NeuroRestore say that they’ve correctly identified which neurons can reverse the paralysis of people with severe chronic spinal injuries.

The neuroscientists have pinpointed the exact location in the spine after testing on mice and successfully restoring their ability to walk. reports: It turns out that the area that orchestrates walking comes from the nerve cells at the lower back. Having trauma there can disrupt the chain of signals between the spinal cord and the brain, causing the relevant neurons to lose their “walking” function even if they’re all present.

Armed with clarity on where to induce electrical impulses, the team surgically implanted a neurotransmitter into the spinal cords of nine volunteers who had severe paralysis after incurring damage in the area. Of the nine, three were completely paralyzed with no sensation in their legs.

Amazingly, all of the patients were able to move about again with a walker after five months—following a combination of stimulation and intensive physical therapy sessions, which were conducted up to five times a week. 

Even after rehabilitation, the participants continued to show improvements in their walking.

“When you think about it, it should not be a surprise,” explains Grégoire Courtine, a neuroscientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (via the Nature scientific journal). “Because in the brain, when you learn a task, that’s exactly what you see—there are less and less neurons activated [as you get better at it].”

The breakthrough isn’t just about the miracle of walking—scientists are also convinced that a clearer understanding of spinal circuitry could bring more answers for other concerns of the body, such as problems with control in the bladder and bowels, as well as sexual dysfunction.

“It would be really interesting to see whether those sorts of functions also can be improved with this technology,” says Marc Ruitenberg, a neurologist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.


  1. Don’t let them fool you. The medical industrial complex has known how to cure paralysis for years. They just blocked desemiation of it for many years 1) for sport and cruelty, and 2) because there are huge industries built up around devices and union workers “serving” the paralyzed. I did a podcast episode years ago on two people with severe spinal injuries who walked away from the western medical industrial complex to find cures for themselves. One found it in India, one found it in Chinese meditation himself.

    • I don’t trust the satanic medical complex. Their goals are for evil, not for good. Homeopathy should be tried. During the European polio epidemic, 2 MDs used homeopathy exclusively. They had 100% prevention & cure rates, including no permanent paralysis for their patients.

      • i don’t trust doctors. I healed myself. I am pushing 60 and I am not on any medications. yet the doctors I went to tried to get me on all kinds of medication, and were pushing me to become diabetic with bad nutritician advice. My A1C was 6.0, and I now am at 5.2 simply by not eating sugars, starches, but eating animal fats in place for energy. lost 35 pounds and didn’t exercise and still don’t. I did other things like taking certain supplements, but I stopped listening to what my doctors told me to do, and pretty much did the opposite of what they told me to do and I got better. All my aches and pains went away, my snoring, my insomnia, just everything bad went away. wearing pants I did when I was 30

        • Same here. We take no meds & that includes our animals. No vaxes, organic raw foods, pasture-raised organic meats or wild caught. We use homeopathy & have had amazing results, including healing of a ruptured knee. Like you, I do the opposite of what the cabal touts as being good.

          • Those that have ears that hear and eyes that see. It is true, you ask and you will receive. I was going no where with my health for years, but south.
            I finally pray a variation of this prayer daily. “show me what to eat, show me what to say, to think, to do, today, amen” and he showed me. it wasn’t a magical burning bush or anything like that, I was just guided to do what he wanted me to do. It is great. We are starting a business together, not sure where this direction is going, but each day more is revealed to me. Never hear his voice, he just reveals things to me. So much fun.

          • That’s terrific. I pray daily for Him to lead me & all those who are His, into all truth. He is faithful to those who seek Him. Like you, He’s spoken to my heart, no audible voice. How exciting that you’re embarking on a new business. God will give you success as you follow Him.

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