Nun Condemns Pope’s ‘Demonic’ Proposal For ‘New Humanism’

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A Catholic nun has condemned a new initiative by Pope Francis as ‘demonic’.

The Pope has invited religious and political leaders to sign a ‘Global Pact’ to create a ‘new humanism’, a proposal that Mother Miriam says is “to do with ruining our society, ruining our culture, and destroying the family”

The nun said the Popes new proposal will actually ‘wipe out’ Christianity

Life Site News reports: On September 12, the Vatican issued a statement inviting religious, humanitarian, and international leaders, and leading politicians, academics, scientists, and athletes, to sign a “Global Pact on Education.” 

On her Monday show, Mother Miriam read and reflected on a LifeSiteNews article about it.

“We did not awake this morning to glorious news, and it all has to do with ruining our society, ruining our culture, and destroying the family,” she said. 

The goal of the “Global Pact on Education” is to hand “on to younger generations a united and fraternal common home.” Mother told listeners this is the “common home of the devil. There is no common home we have but Heaven and Christianity on Earth this side of Heaven. We have no common home other than that.”

According to a Vatican site promoting the pact, “Pope Francis has invited everyone who cares about the education of the young generation to sign a Global Pact, to create a global change of mentality through education.” 

“Beloved, that is what the communists set out to do well over a hundred years ago,” Mother responded. “The evil has entered into the Church, and it has been bought by the very pope himself and the hierarchy.”

Mother reminded listeners that we are called to be stewards of God’s creation and to educate our children.

Over the last few weeks, Mother’s shows have focused on the duty of parents to educate their children. She has called on parents to pull their children out of public schools to protect them from gender ideology and graphic sex education. Mother has advocated bringing children home and not passing off their primary duty of educating their children to others. The pope is proposing nearly the opposite. 

“This [the Global Education Pact],” the pope said, “will result in men and women who are open, responsible, prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect with others, and capable of weaving relationships with families, between generations, and with civil society, and thus to create a new humanism.”

Mother called the pope’s initiative to globalize education “demonic.” 

“This is not to protect the family at all. An educational village that will once and for all destroy the family and the human race.”

She was careful to emphasize that she was calling the proposition, not the pope, demonic.

Pope Francis stated that to reach his proposed objectives, everyone needs to “have the courage to place the human person at the center” and to “train individuals who are ready to offer themselves in service of the community.” 

To this Mother responded, “Isn’t that what is wrong with our world today, beloved? Instead of placing Christ at the center, we place man at the center?”

The article Mother went through outlined the pope’s objectives, including to “heal the fracture between man and the Absolute.”

Mother noted that “the Absolute” is an ambiguous phrase and could refer to Buddha, the Muslim god, or any god. “What happened to God? The Absolute is not one of God’s names.”

Mother finished the reflective portion of her show by reminding listeners, quoting Bishop John Carroll of Baltimore, that the only way to change society is through the education of children.


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