Next Plandemic? Big Pharma Developing Bird Flu Vaxx ‘Just In Case’ It Jumps to Humans

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Three vaccine manufacturers have admitted they have begun the expensive and laborious process of developing a vaccine for bird flu in humans “just in case” it mutates and “jumps to humans” in the near future.

The admission by the Big Pharma companies has set off alarm bells, with many people questioning how an effective vaccine can be developed without access to the virus’s sequence if it has not yet mutated to infect humans?

The H5N1 clade avian flu outbreak has killed a significant number of birds and infected some mammals, but human cases are extremely rare, and the risk of transmission between humans remains negligible. However, large pharmaceutical companies are eager to profit from the situation and promote fear among the public, as they did with COVID-19.

Three vaccine manufacturers have informed Reuters that they are developing or planning to test human vaccines, as a precautionary measure against a potential pandemic. Meanwhile, other large pharmaceutical companies have expressed readiness to mass-produce vaccines and profit from a possible avian flu outbreak. Companies are also pushing to develop a bird flu vaccine for poultry, which has a potentially larger market than for humans.

The primary goal appears to be to profit from the deaths of both birds and humans, regardless of whether the avian flu is genuine or hyped up. Unfortunately, many people have already fallen for it and will receive the shots or become sick from whatever is released and referred to as “avian influenza.”

According to global health experts and companies, most potential human doses are reserved for wealthy nations through long-standing preparedness contracts. While many pandemic plans prioritize vaccinating the most vulnerable people, vaccine-rich countries vaccinated a large portion of their population during COVID-19 before considering sharing doses.

Globalists establish “bird flu” narrative

The sudden concern for impoverished individuals to have access to vaccines seems suspicious and suggests a narrative.

The World Health Organization said it has signed legally binding agreements with 14 manufacturers for 10% of their pandemic flu vaccine “as it comes off the production line”, in a mix of donated doses and doses to be bought by the agency at an affordable price. The agreements include six of the largest seasonal flu manufacturers, such as Glaxo Smith Klein, Sanofi, and CSL Seqirus, the WHO said.

Since they are pre-preparing a “vaccine” and getting the bird flu “jump to humans” narrative solidified, should we all just assume that that’s the next step in the grand scheme to make sure we are all permanent slaves?

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