EXCLUSIVE! Stunningly Clear UFO Photographed By Shocked Walgreen’s Employee

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28 year old Walgreen’s employee Kayla Lawson has photographed astonishingly clear pictures of a UFO hovering above the New Hampshire sky.

A Walgreen’s employee has captured some of the clearest pictures to date of what appears to be a UFO hovering above the sky in New Hampshire.

When Kayla Lawson, 28, took some time out in her back yard in Laconia, New Hampshire in mid-April, the last thing on her mind was UFOs.

I’d had a busy day at work,” says Kayla, who is a customer services associate at Walgreens drug store, “so I thought I’d lie out in the sun to relax for a few moments.”

She lay back on her sun lounger and took a few selfies to post on Facebook, then turned her cell-phone to the sky to snap some pictures of the clouds.

I’ve always been fascinated by the sky,” she claims, “and love the way you can sometimes see pictures in the clouds. I’m always sky-gazing, but have never seen anything unusual.”

The sun was shining brightly so Kayla shielded the lens on her phone. That’s when she noticed something – something round and pale that wasn’t the sun and definitely wasn’t a cloud. She thought for an instant that it could have been the moon but then realized it was too small.

Kayla Lawson, 28, snapped this stunningly clear picture of a UFO whilst sunbathing in her backyard

“I thought I was imagining it at first,” she admits, “so I moved the camera aside to look with my naked eyes, and could see it was still there.”

Zooming in slightly, Kayla observed that the UFO was more spherical than disc-shaped. She zoomed in again. Definitely spherical. “I couldn’t really see it on the screen properly though as it was such a bright day, so went inside to have a better look.”

Zooming in, the unidentified flying object seems to take on a spherical shape, covered in lights

Indoors, Kayla checked her phone. Inspecting the most zoomed-in shot, she could see the UFO very clearly. She was puzzled by what she’d seen so far, but what she saw then flummoxed her further.

Is this one of the clearest UFO photographs to-date?

I could see the object very clearly once I was in a better light,” explains Kayla. “I could see dots on it, laid out in rows, but not that symmetrical. They looked a bit like lights or something and the bottom two, when I looked very closely, looked like eyes!

When she went outside again, the UFO had gone.

Kayla thought that was the end of it but then, six days later, she spotted the UFO AGAIN! “It was pretty much in the same place, just over to the right a bit,” she says incredulously. “I took another photo and waited for a while to see if it did anything but it just hovered. I really didn’t know what to make of it. And now, two weeks on, I still don’t.”

Kayla snapped a very similar looking UFO six days after the original one was taken

Kayla tells us that she tried approaching numerous news outlets and UFO researchers with the pictures in the hope more information could be given about them. So far, nobody has responded.

“I honestly think that it’s possibly something they don’t want us knowing about. I’ve sent it to so many news crews as well as ufo researchers and have gotten nowhere with it. It’s very strange. However, I’ve looked online at other UFO sightings and I’m astounded as to how clear and precise my photos came out compared to the other ones I’ve found.

I keep thinking in the back of my mind that it’s something extraordinary. I hadn’t been looking for anything at teh time, but since then, I can’t stop looking at the sky and taking more pictures in the hope of discovering more amazing things.”

Kayla decided to share her photos with Your News Wire to see if anyone else has any ideas. What do you think?

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  1. The 1st pic is clearly photoshopped, you can see its part of a grab (square) and has different colored sky in it.

    • I can assure you that NONE of the pictures are photoshopped. The pictures were taken on my phone.

      • Don’t pay any attention to these paid asshat trolls that basically keep attacking your confidence so that you shut down completely. It’s truly shameful that people would rather say shitty things than just clicking next. Keep on with your disclosure of what you saw, and contact Tyler with Secureteam10 on YouTube and secureteam on twitter… he would love to see your photos and hear your story, and will get the word out to his almost million followers and Steven Greer… bless your heart, take care.

    • Also, the picture was zoomed in and screen shot to get a closer picture. So before you attack, find out the truth.

    • And, if you actually read the article and saw that the image was found on 2 separate days, you’d realize that the editor put two of the pictures together for the headline.

      • Those photos are excellent, only a few people in the history of the world have gotten a glimpse of such things. Pray and count yourself blessed.

        • Thank you for the kind words. All these nasty comments have me thinking why I even put myself out there

          • Seriously. I put some stories out there and the same thing happened to me. It’s not about you. It’s about people being negative about all kinds of things.. Just blow it off. You know in your heart what’s true. What you saw. I believe you and most others do too. Think on THOSE things—not the mean comments. Cheers!

  2. It was a reflection off the glass sliding door at the rear of her council flat…the children next door were playing with a ball from the gas station their father had just brought home.. the type with those plastic spots on them…. that had just been kicked over the fence….

  3. You can see she is clearly off her face on pills.. and she has been f ucking around with her hair again with one of those $2 supermarket dyes….. somebody tell her that shit kills her hair.. and wtf is with all the cheap makeup??…

    • *bet you said that with that trendy-condescending tone in your voice too*

      People like you make me sick huh?
      It’s bitches like you that have the world so fu*ked up – mouthing off with no sense, probably never worked a hard day in your sorry life. LOL, your cheap haircut and ugly face are a daily reminder I’ll bet.

      • Was that meant towards me? Lol. I love how everyone is being judgemental over my looks…

        • No, it was in your defense Ms. Lawson. I think your a decent person who just wanted to share some AWESOME photos you took of the UFO (that came twice I might add!) I too was sick just reading some of the comments ‘badhairdazed’ made toward you with the superficial hair and make-up comments – you know that snotty drawl every over-teched/under-educated fool speak with today, my comment was reflecting it back at that one hiding in their mom/dad’s basement shooting off their mouth using some device they barely understand. Good day to you Kayla:) thanks for sharing your photos! (your hair is cool too btw)

          • Thank you very much! People can be so hateful these days. It’s sad. All I try and do is send positive vibes. Hence my new YouTube channel (positive vibes) thank you for your kind words.

        • Wow so sorry kayla that people are being so nasty about u personally.. ive been a yournewswire reader for years but am rethinking that now ive seen the community on this page

    • Seriously!?? First off, I work 40 hrs a week in customer service and enjoy working with people, I have funky colored hair because it matches my personality. As for makeup, just because isn’t is bright; doesn’t mean isn’t try cheap. You don’t know me and if you did, we wouldn’t get along because I don’t get along with negative people. Your hurtful comments have nothing to do with this post.

    • A few months back, I took photos of something that looks just like the object in your photo in the skies where I live. Although, it looks much closer in your photos than it did in mine. I don’t have any idea what it is — and I haven’t looked for it recently to see if it is still there, but it was visible in VA. So, if it is a weather balloon or something like that — they must have several of them or it gets around. Just wanted you to know that I definitely believe you because it looks so much like what I saw. I started taking pictures of the sky because a year ago, I took photos of a cool diamond shaped cloud (it was definitely just a cloud) and when I zoomed in a little, I thought I had gotten lucky and managed to snap Venus in the picture, too. I zoomed in some more, and it wasn’t Venus — it was several different objects grouped together that looked like just a small point of light in the original zoom of the photo. No idea what that was, either. I joked that it was my “UFO” pic, but I assumed it was probably some balloons or something. I didn’t give it much thought until I jokingly showed my dad my “UFO” pic and he then told me about his UFO story from childhood which he had never told me about before! My dad is a no-nonsense kind of guy, so I was shocked that he actually had a UFO story. I don’t think he had ever told anyone about it before. After that, I started paying more attention to the skies.

    • I took photos of a very strange shadow being about five years ago, I submitted it to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory show and his guest at the time. A suppposed well known “paranormal researcher” they both claimed it was just a “light anomaly” . Don’t trust anyone, there all. Government Liars.

    • Because, Kayla, fearful SHEEP and federal DRONES WANT you to feel diminished in your ‘awakening’…Don’t let ’em….You SAW it, you have eyes in your head, and they ARE out there….and HAVE BEEN since the Dawn of Man….Great pic. Now, you KNOW……

  4. She does look pretty fukked upp.. to make honest comments is not to be negative or hateful. If people like her want to post a rubber ball pic and pretend it is a UFO and psot pics of themselves with really fukked up hair then I guess they have to take the attention they so desperately feel they need to attract. If she thinks her hair looks “funky” maybe somebody does need to tell her that her hair looks dead and fake. All in all I must say she does appear to be quite the Loser.

    • You don’t even know me!!! I don’t do drugs and I’m a good person. Looks like you are hating because you have a horrible personality. I hope you open your eyes some day

  5. I don’t claim to know what the object is. Just to say I don’t think it would be possible to get an unidentified object in the sky which looked more like a modern weather balloon or technology test balloon (eg wifi / mobile network testing object).

    But then, maybe that’s what some actual transport craft UFOs look like these days.

    I know there are large numbers of UFOs – flying crafts which travel at immense speed and have other abilities such as to remain in the same position for long times, and many have visibility cloaking technology also. This is just the secret kinds of technology which governments and some corporations have had for decades and decades.

    Largely there is nothing strange about these crafts except that governments won’t release the information on the different technologies behind them. It’s a matter of that the public will not be trusted with these kinds of technologies so they pretend they don’t even exist. One always wonders how long this will continue for. Possibly for years longer, decades or hundreds of years. People who release actual technological information in a way considered a risk can be “removed”.

    What this strange shape may be, if not a weather balloon or technology test balloon is what some kind of invisibility cloaking happens to go like in certain conditions. Earlier versions of the cloaking technology were far from cosmetically perfect and could be very limited. While later versions may be very effective, but might have other problems, such as causing sickness or pollution of some form, for example EMF.

  6. thx for sharing this; if a physical object, then the ques. is; is it ET, ?, or a military prototype as technology may be able to make something like this now, ? what does Dr Steven Greer n the Sirius project think, ?

  7. Be aware of your surroundings and you might see even more… theres been quite a few smaller, orange glowing ones that seem to fly low over residential areas at night time. Over the years I have seen 4 of those, Son saw a shaping changing one going down old Dover road in Rochester, NH, and a friend in our back yard two years ago saw a gigantic trangular one blocking out the night sky as it went from north to south right over head as well. Strange times i guess.

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