Video: Teens Film UFO Being Towed By Military Transport?

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The video below is, frankly, at the very least – interesting.  Many are questioning it’s authenticity – technically, by the definition of “authenticity” (which, according to Oxford Dictionary [1] is: Of undisputed origin; genuine: “the letter is now accepted as an authentic document”; authentic 14th-century furniture).

So, in this age of internet, constant uploading, hoaxes and the like – the true means of indentifying what is authentic and what is not is increasingly harder.  So, if someone were to break it down into two parts – is this a video?  Yes, it’s an authentic video.

The next question is: is what is presented in the film as being authentic… authentic?  That’s for the reader to decide.

The original article appeared on IntelliHub and was titled “UFO being towed, relocated by ground transport, caught on video” [2] and it said:

Shockingly, what appears to be some type of advanced spacecraft, UFO, or flying saucer, was captured on video by several civilians as it was being transported, at night, on a large flatbed heavy hauler.

The craft may also be a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) as pointed out by an aerospace professional in an email to Intellihub News.

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The craft appears to be of earthly origin, likely part of a governmental black project.

The craft was escorted by police and other emergency vehicles in a convoy under the cover of darkness.

The footage is real.




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