Iceland U-Turn On Israeli Product Boycott

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Iceland U-turn their decision to boycott all Israeli products

Iceland’s bold decision to ban Israeli products this month has been reversed, after Reykjavik Mayor Dagur Eggertsson said that the decision was made hastily.

Speaking with Icelandic Broadcasting Service RÚV, he said, “Yes, the decision was poorly prepared. In the past I have taken great pride in preparing all big decisions thoroughly. I’ll admit here and now that I am angry with myself for not doing that, and for not having prepared the decision as well as I would have liked to. This was very unfortunate.” reports:

While the statement may seem like backtracking, the magazine noted that the mayor intends to draft a new proposal that is more specific in its wording.

He earlier explained that he had intended to call for a boycott only of goods made by Israel in the Palestinian territories, not a blanket boycott of all Israeli goods.

The boycott was announced on Wednesday, when Reykjavik’s city council passed a resolution banning all Israeli-made products in protest of policy in the Palestinian territories.

It appeared to be purely symbolic, since it didn’t mention specific companies or products, and it was unclear if the Reykjavik municipal authorities even had any business ties to Israeli companies – or if they’ve been purchasing Israeli products – so far.