Mormons Stockpile Food In Preparation For Doomsday Blood Moon This Month

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Mormons panic stockpile food and supplies ahead of the doomsday blood moon later this month - September 2015

The much-hyped September blood moon happening at the end of this month (named Shemitah or “day of reckoning“) has some Mormons stockpiling food supplies and emergency kits in readiness for what they are calling ‘doomsday’.

These Mormon preppers are buying up 72-hour emergency kits, being sold by stores in Utah, in preparation for what many are convinced is the apocalypse. reports:

These Mormons believe that history is divided in seven-year periods, based on the Hebrew notion of “shemitah” or Sabbath.

The preppers noted that in 2008, or exactly seven years after the devastating Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the United States stock market crashed, bringing about an economic recession that burdened the lives of many Americans.

Now, another seven years after, a similar circumstance is happening: Wall Street has fluctuated wildly after the Chinese stock market crashed due to the devaluation of the yuan.

Also, another supposed doomsday sign coming by the end of September is the moon turning full red, or what is called the “blood moon.” Preppers also believe that a major earthquake will happen in or near Utah.

Some of the Mormons also believe that America will experience invasion and technological disruptions due to its “wickedness.”

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