16 Year Old Mississippi Girl Forcibly Injected With Gardasil Vaccine

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Young girl forcibly injected with Gardasil vaccine

A 16-year-old girl from Mississippi was physically forced to receive the Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine against her will and the will of her mother. 

A lawsuit filed earlier in the month against Canopy Children’s Solutions, a children’s mental health facility, alleges that the girl was injected with the Gardasil vaccine whilst being pinned down screaming.

Vaccineimpact.com reports: The 16 year old girl, B.L.G., is the daughter of Autumn Bailey. In February of 2017, B.L.G. was allegedly evaluated by Canopy due to previous suicide attempts. She allegedly had a past history of depression, anxiety disorder, and seizures.

After her evaluation, it was determined that B.L.G. needed comprehensive inpatient psychiatric treatment.

Upon admission, the facility requested consent to provide B.L.G. with immunization injections. The mother, Autumn Bailey, refused to give consent. According to the lawsuit, she specifically stated that she did not want her daughter, a minor, to receive the HPV vaccine. Ms. Bailey was concerned about potential side effects, particularly sterilization and reproductive health.

In addition, both mom and daughter were provided with Canopy’s “Notice of Rights” which included the right to be involved in medical decisions, and the right to refuse medical treatment.

HPV Vaccination Forced Upon 16 Year Old Girl – Assaulted for 2 Hours as She Tried to Resist

According to the lawsuit, Case Manager Travys Velez demanded that the 16 year old girl be injected with the Gardasil vaccine 43 days after she was admitted.

The girl refused, stating that neither she nor her mother consented to the vaccine.

Mr. Velez then allegedly threatened the girl, stating that she would not be allowed to see her family that weekend, and that she would be punished if she did not get the vaccine.

This threat allegedly caused great emotional harm to B.L.G., and she physically resisted the staff who forced her into a van to take her to the health department to receive the Gardasil injection. She was allegedly screaming and crying and physically resisting Travys Velez and other staff for more than two hours while trying to avoid being injected with the Gardasil vaccine.

With the young woman requesting that they contact her mother, she was eventually worn down and transported by van to Harrison County Health Department, where they forcibly injected her with Gardasil 9.

According to the lawsuit, the staff lied to the health department and told them that both the girl and her mother had consented to the vaccine, although no doctor’s order was provided.

When B.L.G. returned to Canopy, she told her mother what happened. Autumn Bailey confronted the admitting nurse who allegedly admitted that the refusal to consent to the Gardasil vaccine was recorded in B.L.G.’s medical records.

Autumn Bailey then proceeded to remove her daughter from Canopy Children’s Solutions. She and her daughter are represented by Attorney David M. Harris Jr.

A copy of the lawsuit is found here.

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