UK Gov’t Consider Launching Official Investigation Into mRNA Jab Deaths

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UK government urged to launch official investigation into COVID jab deaths

The UK government has been urged to launch an official investigation into the link between mRNA jabs and heart attacks.

Doctors For Patients UK (“DFPUK”) have compiled the video below in which they raise the alarm about the dangers of the toxic jabs in the hope that urgent action will be taken by the authorities. reports: By publishing this video they are fulling their duty, as outlined by the General Medical Council, for doctors to take prompt action when they see that patient safety is being compromised.

Many doctors, in the UK and internationally, have become increasingly concerned about the safety profile of Covid-19 “vaccines” and the continued rollout of these products to the public, including pregnant women and children.

Several doctors in DFPUK have submitted multiple Yellow Card reports of adverse events to the MHRA, and have signed letters to the JCVI, MHRA, the RCOG, Prime Minister and others to express their concerns, but have seen little or no response or action taken.

DFPUK was set up in September 2022, by a group of doctors who wanted to create a platform and safe space for clinicians to discuss current issues in healthcare and medicine. The group was borne out of increasing concerns that core principles of medical ethics are being disregarded, such as the oath to “First do no harm”, respect for individual bodily autonomy and the need to obtain full and informed consent for all medical interventions.

Dr. David Cartland is one of the doctors who contributed to the video.  Beginning at timestamp 7:32,  he said:

“The adverse events data is unprecedented and stacking up week by week in systems that are likely underreported.

“Medicine is all about safety – and given the huge safety signals that the mRNA injections are giving off – we need to stop these shots immediately pending urgent investigation for the sake of our next generation and children.”

In early February 2022, Dr. Cartland resigned as a general practitioner and stepped forward to give his distressing testimony.  He entitled his piece ‘Breaking the Silence’.   As with so many who have broken the silence, Dr. Cartland has been censored and de-platformed by Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to silence him.  But they haven’t succeeded.  You can follow him by following the links below:

Press Release 21.12.22 – Doctors For Patients UK from Doctors For Patients UK on Vimeo.


  1. There’s no way they will ever tell the truth after jabbing billions of people Imagine the payouts.
    They will just keep making up stories to explain deaths and damages, like saying vaccine Injury is “long covid” and crap like that.

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