Media Blackout Over Lawsuit Accusing DNC Of Rigging Primaries

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Media blackout over DNC lawsuit accusing them of rigging the 2016 primaries for Clinton

The mainstream media continue to censor coverage of a looming DNC lawsuit that accuses the Democrat Party of rigging the 2016 primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Since October 2016, when the lawsuit was issued, reporters and pundits have ignored a lawsuit that looks set to prove that the Democratic National Committee systemically rigged the primaries in order to ensure Hillary Clinton won over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The lawsuit was issued after shocking documents surfaced by hacker Guccifer 2.0 that shows the party and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman colluding “by hook or by crook” to make Sanders lose.

The class-action suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in October, accusing both the DNC and Wasserman Schultz of “intentional, willful, wanton, and malicious” conduct in violating Article 5, Section 4 of the DNC Charter. reports: They  represent three classes of plaintiffs: donors to the DNC, donors to the Bernie Sanders campaign, and all registered Democrats — and they want their money back.

On April 25, the court held a hearing on a motion to dismiss, with the DNC’s lawyers arguing that the party has every right to pick candidates in back rooms.

“There’s no contractual obligation here … it’s not a situation where a promise has been made that is an enforceable promise,” DNC lawyer Bruce Spiva argued in court.

The major news organizations shunned the controversy and allowed it to slip into near-oblivion as they hammered President Trump.

An article published Saturday on the liberal progressive website Salon notes that the mainstream media “almost completely blacked out coverage of this lawsuit.”

A writer for the Observer wrote on Monday: “In large part, the mainstream media [have] not covered the lawsuit in the six months between the court’s initial hearings in October 2016 to its latest hearing on April 25, 2017.”

The revelation that the Democratic Party is fine with rigging elections, and has no qualms about lying to its members and pretending to be neutral, is certainly interesting news. But many in the media apparently didn’t want anyone to pay too much attention to this.

“For Sanders supporters, the lawsuit provides an opportunity for vindication for being cheated and attacked by the Democratic establishment,” Observer reporter Michael Sainato wrote. “Now, the DNC is on record arguing that its voters have no reason to trust it to maintain free and fair elections.”

“Spiva’s defense is blatant proof that despite the fact that the DNC fashions itself as the party of the people, it is openly and clearly an oligarchy — a fact also made clear by its use of superdelgates,” Salon writer Sophia McClennen wrote.

A WikiLeaks document dump also revealed that former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile appeared to favor Clinton when she leaked a Democratic primary debate question to Clinton in an email. Sanders supporters cried fowl. But the media largely spurned them in favor of dogging Trump.

“The elephant in the room for the DNC isn’t Trump or the GOP or Bernie bros or Russian hackers; it is its own elitist, corporatist, cronyist, corrupt system that consistently refuses to listen to the will of the people it hopes to represent,” McClennen wrote. “This all proves that the DNC has a serious problem not only with the democratic process but also with the very idea of representing the will of its constituents.”


  1. The DNC will never be able to be the party of new immigrants either. Chinese, South Asians, Mexicans et. al. are not beholden to tropes such as automatic support for Israel or the MIC. It’s a dinosaur but still a lucrative one for the moment.

    • Anyone who starts off an internet comment with “Lifelong Dem/GOP here” is full of shlt. Its the oldest windup online. “Look, Im a member of X party and look how awful we are!”

      Grow up ffs.

      • People like you who think the democrats aren’t just as corrupt as republicans are the problem, you insisted on an extremely flawed, untrustworthy candidate who continued to lie right up till the end about her health, among other things, little things that didn’t even need to be lied about and tried to do what you said everyone else was doing to you, force their candidate on you. Your blackmail worked on most but not all, some people stuck to their morals, I had to hold my nose to vote for Clinton.

  2. “Sanders supporters cried fowl” – what type of fowl, like geese or duck? Pheasants are pleasant.

        • My word, how frivilous can you get LMAO!!!!!!!!

          Go on and hold your breath on that champ. In fact you can even check the reddit threads to see how ridiculous it is.

          “BUT THE MSM IS BURYING THIS STORY!!!!” No, its because its a frivolous law suit that goes nowhere.

          Bernie bots are as dumb as Trump supporters sometimes.

          • As if the media never latches onto the frivolous?

            What makes this a story is that the DNC, as their 1st line of defense, are claiming they have no obligation to follow their own rules, that they have every right to rig their own election, that it’s all show and pageantry and make believe democracy.

            And sure, this might be their right, but the moment they solicit money under the guise of running a fair game, when it’s not, it enters actionable fraud. And this is why the judge didn’t simply dismiss the case.

          • Don’t feed the Hillary Troll anymore. He’s just going to keep baiting you and typing “intellectual” lol’s to support his battle.

            Only Russians use Bernie bots/bros. That kind of talk is just proof that Hillary supporters will just stab anyone in the back to continue to try to make a stanky old bitch stay on top of the heap she lays in.

    • Sure it will champ, just like the republicans were dead before the election…

      Surely even someone as daft as you realizes the pendulum swings both ways, and there is going to be hell to pay when it swings back to the left. Im sure you will ignore that warning just as the left did with Trumpo.

      • Sure it will champ,

        Don’t ever wonder why Hillary lost to a cartoon villain.

        You’re All Beneath Me – Vote Hillary!

    • Wrong. The DNC destroyed itself decades ago. The same with the GOP. Our presidents have been a sham dating all the way back to Nixon. This isn’t some new thing. Obama did not help matters anymore than Bush did. Both were crappy presidents.

  3. This is as much an indictment of the mainstream media as it is the DNC… all of them gutless bastards scared out of their tiny little minds of upsetting any apple carts because their corporate sponsors and donors will withdraw support or donations. And the amazing part is that most all of the MSM has been purchased by conservatives for a long time now – so in fact they drive the decisions (either by surrogate or by direct interference) made to select DNC candidates and broadcast news about them.

    Yes, as it now stands, the whole system is rigged, but the only way to fix it is to storm the polls every election cycle and know that doing so will begin to introduce the change that’s needed. Staying home and whining about the system is EXACTLY what the oligarchs want you to do so they can perpetuate the system.

    • A++ CORRECT. We need to STOP listening to the lying liberal media. CNN & CNBC = FAKE NEWS. These jokers had Hildabeast Clinton winning by a wide margin.

      They refuse to report on the fact Barry “I Spy” Obama left the democratic party in SHAMBLES!!!!

  4. This shows two things, and explains why it’s being ignored.

    1. The MSM is anything but honest
    2. The Clinton Cash machine is anything but legit.

    ANYONE else and they’d have been in prison years ago. Hillary will never be prosecuted.

    • LOL! listen to this drump clown screaming for hillary to go to jail when his idol rapes america again and again. Keep spewing your conspiracy theories while the orange dictator takes away your health insurance dumb MF.

      • No one mentioned Trump. This is deflection in all it’s glory. You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to know that Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal.

        • I agree. I’m a registered democrat but didn’t vote for Hillary on the primaries. And also didn’t vote for Hilary or Trump for president. This past elections really suck big time. No point in choosing dumb or dumber.

          • In that case you have to pick the best of the two dumbs. Not voting against Hillary was dumber!

          • No, to thine own conscience be true. I could not live with myself if I knew I supported someone as corrupt as her. I don’t like Trump, and didn’t vote for him, but I believe our country has checks and balances that will keep him from doing too much damage. However, HRC is savvy and corrupt as can be. She knows how to work the system and has enough cronies complicit in her money and power grubbing schemes that she’d roll right over anyone or anything that got in her way.

          • My opinion is, in reality you had two choices. You pick one or you don’t have a horse in the race, so you don’t have a right to complain. You at least vote your conscience for the SCOTUS.

          • That may be your opinion, but it’s an opinion borne of your own prejudices and agendas. It’s my country too and I absolutely have a ‘horse in this race’ since what they do affects me. The way you view it, then you’re ceding all power to those who work behind the scenes to prevent any opposition to the two parties’ corrupt agenda.

          • If you don’t vote for one of the candidates​, what you do is let somebody else pick your President for you. Like it or not it gets down to two candidates, like them or not. You go with what you got, it’s not a Marshmallow World!

          • Somebody else picks my president anyway. I’m nothing close to an uneducated voter. I voted in the primaries (for neither of those two candidates) and I voted in the final election. The area I live in is dominated by one party and my vote wouldn’t have changed anything. What it did do (cumulatively with all the other people like me) is send the message that a heck of a lot of people hated both candidates. The number of people voting for a 3rd party candidate was the largest it’s ever been except when Ross Perot ran. It sends a message to both the corrupt two parties and others like me that there is hope for usurping the powerful elites who only serve themselves.

          • It sends a message that you threw your vote away. If you don’t vote for somebody who has a chance, you have zero room to complain.

          • Well, glad you aren’t dictator. Besides, I wasn’t complaining. YOU are the one complaining. I said our system of government has checks and balances that would prohibit Trump from doing too much damage. You are the one being all dramatic and over-the-top.

          • The Founding Father’s Representative Republic System of electing the President-evil? The Constitition-evil? Now that’s rich! Thought about moving?

        • Guilty of which crime(s), exactly? Seriously, name them. Morons like you, reading solipsistic websites like this, managed to convince JUST enough folks to stay home that we have Trump now. Good job! Idiot.

          • How’s it feel not being an American. You are what’s wrong with the country. You soft coward. Keep using that keyboard to defend you castle from magic orgres

          • How does it feel to be as dumb as a Trump supporter? Anyone supporting Clinton after losing to an orange skinned Clown clearly needs to research what they are supporting. The GOP and DNC are equally evil. The archaic two party system should have been abolished centuries ago. Trump is evil, but so is Clinton. Both deserve a lot of hate.

      • hitlery rotten clinton is a neoliberal republican too she only cares about rich whit gold digging cunts like her daughter and melania

  5. Hilary is a walking-talking shit storm. I am tired to death of ‘The Clintons’ Please go away, get carried out to sea, be on one of those disappearing jet liners, anything…..just go, I would be ok with prison….

  6. So people are getting bullshit information on now? Wow – you fuckfaces will stoop to lying about anything to make yourselves and your confirmation bias feel good, huh? Bunch of pathetic bitches that believe the most investigated woman of all time that has been proven innocent of every accusation – STILL has something to hide? Please. And Bernie isn’t a democrat – he is independent. And if you think that either party has this much pull – I have news for you:

    • Ronald Reagan was proven to be innocent in the same way as Hillary. That doesn’t mean they didn’t commit a crime. Just that they got away with it.

  7. LYING liberal media. Hillary for JAIL. The party that brings you rigged primaries. Hillary would have lost the primary.

  8. Anyone who even considers voting for any candidate endorsed by the Democrat Party in the future has to really questioning their action. There will be no coming back from Trump.

    This is for me the last straw. I’m finished forever with the whole two Party system. I just hope for the sake of the life-sustaining planet, our civilization crashes as soon as possible, as completely as possible!

  9. Hey, here’s an interesting idea… can anybody produce any, y’know, proof or reasoned argument that the DNC acted unlawfully? Like, is there a particular clause that was violated? Cause last I checked, a party’s job is to win elections. And, the only thing that was unaccounted for was a virulent anti-Hilary campaign WAGED BY DEMOCRATIC AND LEFTIST press. Fucking idiots. Thanks for Trump!

    • Impartiality Clause–Article 5 Section 4 of the DNC Charter:

      “the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

  10. Can anyone explain why the Plaintiffs’ complaint contains no claim based on promissory estoppel?
    As I understand the elements:
    (1) the DNC promised in its bylaws to conduct primaries fairly, knowing that voters would reasonably rely on this promise (there being no other reason to include such a promise in its bylaws);
    (2) the plaintiffs acted in reliance on that promise by donating to the Dem Party and Sanders and refraining from abandoning the Dems for a third party;
    (3) the plaintiffs suffered a detriment insofar as the DNC breached its own bylaws, causing plaintiffs to waste their votes and see their donations to the Party misused; and
    (4) it would be unjust to let the DNC get away with its breach of promise without any sort of compensation to the plaintiffs or other enforcement against the DNC for its conduct.

  11. Of course they won’t cover this. It shows that they colluded with HRC and the DNC to give her the nomination. Heck, some of the media are still trying to get HRC into office. I do wonder, however, what the FEC has to say about these claims by the DNC, since the DNC HAS to give the4 FEC it’s primary rules prior to the election, and the FEC treats them as lawfully binding.

  12. We know through other lawsuits that Edison Research (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, & AP) – who conducted the exit polls for the DNC presidential primaries in 2016 – ended the remaining exit polls in states, after legal eagles requested their raw exit poll data. Elite statisticians have calculated that Bernie Sanders won nationwide by about 15 points; a landslide. Exit polls are the “gold standard” around the world to keep elections “clean”, but our media was changing the exit poll numbers to match the computer generated “votes”. So yes, the entire system was involved in this shit storm to keep us from having a democratically chosen nominee. The “machine” chose Clinton; the people chose Bernie.

  13. I will never vote for someone like “45” but I also feel like my vote was stolen by the DNC and given to Hillary so I will probably never vote for another democrat either.

  14. thank you for covering this! who is it, besides the intelligence agencies have power to scrub things off the internet? I understand private biased firms like twitter and youtube/google but how technically are independent sites being scrubbed? Enough of this big brother sht!

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