Do NOT Watch This Video, Stunt Queen Lady Gaga and Her ‘Shalom’ Video Riled Up Arab Fans (VIDEO)

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We don’t know about you, but in our opinion, in this video Lady Gaga seems/looks like/is:

A.  Scared to death

B.  Drugged out of her mind

C.  In a hostage situation

D.  A terrible actress

E.  All of the above

If you guessed E, so did we – which makes the newly dubbed “Lady Gaga Israel Video” all the more strange (if that is even possible, considering Lady Gaga looks like a mermaid had sex with a tarantula and was thrown into a pool full of glitter before being dragged through Cher’s old costume trunks and spit out the other end).  Either way, there is an absolutely strange eeriness to the way Lady Gaga delivers this “Message to her fans”.  Maybe it’s how dead her eyes look… I have honestly never seen someone look less thrilled than Lady Gaga does sitting in that jail cell chair.

Anyway, this perfectly calculated yet completely tasteless yet painfully obvious publicity stunt video is causing a LOT of “upset” because, you know, dare we not focus on more important things like… Ukraine, ISIL, the Bilderberg Group, Gaza, China, America, kittens, puppies… OH, THAT’S RIGHT…. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G is more important than focusing on this video (like you and I are both doing right now).

So, rather than rant, here is the ten seconds that you’ll never get back… Oh, and according to The Jerusalem Post, “The performer’s manager announced Sunday that the Sept. 13 concert in Hayarkon Park – part of her “artRave: The ARTPOP Ball” international tour — would go on as planned, despite cancellations by other high-profile performers due to the Gaza conflict and its aftermath.

Responding on social media platforms to the video, which reportedly has gone viral, some Arab fans called Lada Gaga “disgusting,” “devilish” and insensitive, Al Arabiya News reported.”  And now, we present to you the soon to be infamous Lady Gaga Israel Video.


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