ISIS Trained by US Government

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This is an older article, but a good reminder from The Guardian Las Vegas:  “In a surprising development, it appears that the group known as ISIS (The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) may have actually been trained by the United States government. According to a report published in Reuters, the Syrian rebel group was trained in Jordan over the last two years by US government officials and military experts. If this is true, it would shed a very interesting light on what is the actual agenda of the United States government in a country where they profess to be seeking stability.

According to the article, it was not known whether those doing the training were direct members of the US government or if they worked for a private firm, but the main focus of the training was on anti-tank weaponry. The report continues to point out that 200 men were trained at the facility and that over 1200 will be added in a plan to prepare to free Syria from the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad. Besides the American trainers, it is reported that French and British advisors were present as well to aid in the training.

According to Jordanian intelligence sources, it is reported that the program is designed to create 10,000 fighters who will exclusively be a part of the ISIS group. ISIS is now responsible for the unrest occurring in Northern Iraq, and it would be quite ironic if the United States was actually responsible for the training that is now being used to destabilize the Iraqi nation.

The plan appears to have been designed to train 10,000 “moderates” of Islam in the hope that they would follow American interests in the region. Arizona Senator John McCain even paid a visit to the group during training to show his support for the group, and to demonstrate the support of the US government for their cause. McCain was photographed with General Salim Idris, who was later expelled from the group because he was seen as too moderate for them. The new leader of the group is General Ibrahim al-Douri, who was the Vice-President of the Revolutionary Council under former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He was supposed to be the successor to Hussein, and looks like this goal may still be reached.

Al-Douri has been on the US most wanted list since just shortly after the second Gulf War began, but many inside the United States government thought he was dead. This is clearly not the case. Most disturbing is that he seems to have a huge war chest at his disposal, which has come from US allies, including Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These are all Sunni based countries which support the ISIS group.

Many are questioning why these nations would support this group, and it appears that they are acting this way out of frustration for President Barak Obama’s failure to oust Al-Assad. These nations had expected Obama to take action already and since he has not, they have decided to take actions of their own.

Whatever the overall agenda of these nations, the US government seems to be behind the training of ISIS and visits by Senator John McCain seem to support this conclusion. The agenda may have been to destabilize Syria, but it looks like the group is doing this in Iraq.

Opinion by Robert Pannier”

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