This is Labour’s approach to immigration in the age of Ukip

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Migrants may have to “earn the right” to some welfare payments under plans being considered by the Labour Party. Deputy leader Harriet Harman said the party was considering toughening up the rules as she acknowledged that Ukip had exploited voters’ “disconnection” from the political process and “despair” about their future economic prospects. Here are Labour’s plans for tougher immigration controls:

1. EU immigrants will cease to be allowed to claim child benefit here if their children are abroad.

2. Immigrants will have to have been in the country long enough to have paid tax before they will qualify for contributory benefits such as Jobseekers’ Allowance.

3. No one from an EU country who has committed a serious crime abroad will be allowed into the UK.

4. Any immigrant who commits a serious crime here, even if they are an EU citizen, will be deported.

5. If any new country joins the EU, there will be a delay before its citizens are entitled to free movement into the UK.

6. There will be an increase in the national minimum wage and stricter enforcement to discourage employers from hiring cheap labour from the EU to undercut wages.

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