Louise Mensch said this about Ebola based on a parody Twitter account

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Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has suggested a Labour government would not be able to cope with an outbreak of Ebola in the UK – after falling for comments made by a parody Diane Abbott Twitter account.

Mensch said in a series of tweets last night: “If there is a serious outbreak in the UK I doubt voters will risk a Labour government. Time to get serious… Look at Diane Abbott’s irresponsible comments on Ebola patients, Mili’s open border policy. No. Way.”

The comments she was referring to appear to have been made by a parody account for the backbench Labour MP, hackneyabbatt, which is labelled as satire.


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After Mensch was challenged by Abbott, she clarified: “Whoops! Apparently the Diane Abbot thing was a parody. Still have no doubt re Ebola and border/health policies. None. Labour not trusted.”

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