Worlds No 1 Tennis Player Facing Wimbledon Ban Unless He Denounces Putin

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Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev, currently ranked as the worlds number one player, is facing a ban from playing at Wimbledon unless he publicly denounces Vladimir Putin, according to reports.

When asked previoisly about the situation in Ukraine, Medvedev has responded by saying “My message is always the same, I want peace in all of the world.”

Meanwhile former Ukrainian tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov insists that Medvedev should be barred from playing due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming that all Russians are ‘responsible for their government and their government’.

Info Wars reports: The British Minister for Sport Nigel Huddleston stated Wednesday at a select committee in parliament that Russian and Belarusian players will have to go before cameras and tell the world they are opposed to the actions of their countries in Ukraine in order to compete.

Huddleston added that just avoiding flying the flag or wearing the colours of their countries wouldn’t be enough.

“Many countries have agreed that they will not allow representatives from Russia to compete,” the minister said, adding “There are also visa issues as well. When it comes to individuals, that is more complex.”

“Absolutely nobody flying the flag for Russia should be allowed or enabled,” Huddleston emphasised.

“We need some potential assurance that they are not supporters of Putin and we are considering what requirements we may need to try and get some assurances along those lines,” he added.

Huddleston also said “It would be better if we can decide some broad global consensus on this.”

There was no assurance from the minister as to whether Medvedev and other Russians or Belarusians would be protected if they publicly denounce their leaders.

Medvedev has previously been asked about the situation in Ukraine, responding “My message is always the same — I want peace in all of the world.”

Apparently that isn’t enough for hopped up UK government sports and culture ministers who suddenly think they’re the spearhead of war with Putin.

The World Tennis Association has announced that it does not agree with the potential ban on Russian players, with WTA head Steve Simon noting “I can tell you that we have never banned athletes from participating on our tour as the result of political positions their leadership may take, so it would take something very significant for that to change, but again we don’t know where this is going.”

“I feel very strongly that these individual athletes should not be the ones that are being penalized by the decisions of an authoritarian leadership that is obviously doing terrible, reprehensible things.” Simon further urged.

The situation with Medvedev is interesting in relation to the situation with Novak Djokovic, who faces being banned from competing at Wimbledon and other tournaments because he remains unvaccinated. The world’s number one and number two players are both facing having their careers cut short merely for not publicly amplifying the current groupthink narrative demands of political zealots.

Meanwhile, cancel culture has now been extended to an entire country because of the actions of its leader.

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