Scientists Warn That Sleeping With Lights On Can Increase The Risk of Heart Attacks

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sleeping with lights heart attacks

Exposure to artificial light at night is linked to a higher risk of diabletes and heart attacks research suggests

Researchers in the US say they have found that people who are exposed to light at night time show worse glucose and cardiovascular regulation compared with those who slept in the dark

According to a study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois it is crucial to minimise or avoid entirely, if possible, the amount of light exposure during sleep to avoid the risk of diabetes and heart attacks.

The Mail Online reports: An experiment on 20 adults revealed that it only took one night of ‘moderate light exposure’ for the body to experience the harmful effects. 

In light of their findings, the experts have urged people to reassess the illumination of their bedrooms.

Study author Dr Phyllis Zee said: ‘If you’re able to see things really well, it’s probably too light.’ 

She said people who do need some light – for example, an elderly person needing to ensure they don’t trip – should use a dim light close to the floor. 

Regularly getting a bad night’s sleep has been linked to a plethora of other medical problems, including obesity and depression.


  1. Oh, so this is why all the soccer players are dropping of heart attacks! they slept with the lights on. Now it is coming together, the mystery is solved.

  2. You mean the truck head lights or the street lights? WTF how can I make a living without any lights crazy SOBs

  3. That’s such old science Decades old And they all know and so that’s why they co ordinate and network leaving street lights on all night they used to go off at 1 am, making useless curtains making sheets the fashion, or no curtains at all even now.

  4. Sure, it certainly has nothing to do with the clot shot. This will be one of the many excuses they use to explain all the deaths from heart failure.

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