House To House Fighting In Mosul, 400K Civilians Trapped

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There is a genuine humanitarian crisis unfolding in western Mosul as tanks roll in


The liberation of Mosul from ISIS terrorists is causing a humanitarian crisis.

Tanks have now entered Mosul as the Iraqi army closes in on the city’s Great Mosque, where three years ago ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared war on infidels, setting up a Muslim caliphate and adding fuel to the fire started by the 2003 invasion of Iraq,

All these events follow on from the world shattering events of 911, the significance of which is never fully digested as thousands and millions continue to perish.

U.S.coalition action against the Islamic State has resulted in the destruction of over a 1,000 buildings, according to the UN.

While the mainstream media is focused on Assad and Russia, 400 thousand Iraqi’s remain trapped in western Mosul as the battle to liberate the Old Town from ISIS fanatics intensifies. 300 000 people have already fled.

The Duran reports:

While most of the mainstream media’s focus remains on Syria and on Bashar al-Assad’s and Vladimir Putin’s alleged “crimes” there – mostly staged false-flags and manufactured propaganda on social media – there is a genuine humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The Iraqi army, with US and other western advisors and aided by significant air support, are pushing onto the heart of the embattled city – the biggest stronghold of ISIS in Iraq.

Iraqi commanders report desperate house-to-house and street-by-street fighting with ISIS fanatics as they close in on the city’s Great Mosque, where the group’s apparent leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed a caliphate 3 years ago.

Around 400,000 people remain trapped in Mosul, according to reports.

Russian TV went to the front line for a first hand look at the battle to liberate the city:

(Warning: video contains combat footage)

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