California Plans To Charge Landowners For Water From Their Own Wells

Fact checked
Newsom and Blumenfeld

California has told landowners that they now are going to be billed for the water they take out of their own wells, on their own land.

Hundreds of dollars in fees are impending, with 25% penalties for those who don’t pay on time according to a ZeroHedge report about a letter shared by a source near San Diego (see below)

WND reports: That person “has shared with California Globe a shocking letter that’s quietly being delivered to owners of private wells,” the report said.

That individual reported, “California is marching toward a world where those with wells on their own property will be required to put a meter on them and pay the government. Because in their world, the government owns everything and we’re just renters.”

The letter reportedly is from Natalie Stork, of the Groundwater Management Program Unit 1, and was on letterhead from the California Water Boards, under the authority of Gov. Newsom and Jared Blumenfeld, secretary for Environmental Protection.

It reveals an “extremely aggressive” agenda by the government.

It states, “Landowners whose property is within an unmanaged area and contains an operating ground water extraction well must report the volume of groundwater extracted from the well. The groundwater extraction volume must be reported as a monthly total. In addition to pumping volumes, reports must include the location of the well and the place and purpose of use of the groundwater. Groundwater extraction reports are not due to the state water board until February 1, 2023. However, if you are required to report, the report must include pumping volumes for each month between the date of receipt of this letter and September 30, 2022.”

A “filing fee” is $300, plus $10 per acre-foot, plus 25% penalties.

ZeroHedge reported, “California Globe reached out to Ms. Stork and SGMA to inquire how widely this letter was sent and where the State Water Resources Control Board derives the right to charge well owners for water on their own property.”

The report continued with comments from two people who got the letter that so far there’s little organized resistance.


  1. I always suspected that England would have incorporated America under Crown Lands, right from the beginning But they’re so secretive. Anyway feudalism communism Catholicism, they’re all the sane The King, or King if Kings owns everything and everyone else is just a tenant at his majesty’s sufferance.. And it’, the Crown, that rules symbolically and legally is the coronet of Catholic Edward the Confessor.

  2. This will add many California independent producers to the list of those made to sell-out to corporate growers and land developers who can afford the fees and regulations and dig ever deeper wells.

      • There is no water or crude oil shortage; it’s more of the cabal’s deception/lies. This is unlawful & I hope that either a constitutional supporting Calif. sheriff or the white hats soon arrest Newscum & his satanic cronies. Enough of this garbage!

        • that is correct. There is only a shortage because they are making it hard to get, they = central bankers.
          I am believing the old Soviet theory that oil is actually produced metabolically deep inside the earth thru minerals, heat and pressure and is forced up to the surface. They are finding old oil fields that were pumped out decades ago to be full again.
          Also oil is 30,000 ft down in the ground! how did dinosaurs get that far down and die? 30K down!!! That oil is not from plants and animals. I am not buying it. So we have an endless supply of oil, but it would be made at a certain rate, so we could never use it up past the rate it is made. so I am all for conserving and being efficient, not abandoning petroleum at all. it is a fantastic energy source. wonderful and God given for sure.

          • I agree with you 100%. God knows everything. No way He would put us on earth where we were meant to live forever & have there be a shortage of anything. I also don’t believe the dinosaur story; think that’s another cabal story to try to get ppl to not believe in God. Don’t know for sure but I now tend to think the opposite is true of everything they state.

  3. Putin of Russia has said the Democrats are the New-Nazis, hovering on Russia’s border as did Adolf Hitler in 1941.

  4. when you run out of money, you die of thirst. If you run out drugs, the government will give you free drugs

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