Marjorie Taylor Greene: CCP Is Creating Bioweapons That Target by Race

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Marjorie Taylor Greene says CCP is creating bioweapons that can target a specific race

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green and other members of Congress have heard evidence about a secret bioweapons program in China that allegedly targets people by their race.

According to testimony by Dr. Li-meng, the CCP is actively developing bioweapons with capabilities beyond our wildest nightmares. She says future diseases will be bioengineered to attack people based upon their DNA, such as their race. reports: Congressman Mo Brooks responded to the debriefing by dropping a press release accusing the Chinese Communist Party of manufacturing Covid-19:

Dr. Li-meng Yan has made her rounds across international media. Most won’t interview her; CNN and MSNBC pretend she doesn’t exist. But in the last year she has appeared on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show, several podcasts, and a handful of international shows. Despite all this, she has had a hard time getting an audience with American politicians.

Congressman Mo Brooks changed that. He met with Dr. Li-meng Yan and was so impressed, he released a statement condemning the Chinese Communist Party and accusing them of having “NEGLIGENTLY, RECKLESSLY OR INTENTIONALLY RELEASED COVID-19” (yes, in all caps).

Greene went on with Steve Bannon on War Room today and dropped the race bombshell.

“COVID-19 isn’t the only bioweapon, everyone,” Greene told Bannon. “It’s not. It’s just the first one. And Dr. Yan, I spoke with her the other night, many of us were debriefed and she told us the information that she has. There are many bioweapons being worked on.”

It’s unlikely anyone other than the top levels of the Chinese Communist Party are aware of just how many bioweapons are in development. The country maintains strict compartmentalization, meaning they could have two or more different labs under the supervision of different CCP members working on different aspects of a bioweapon simultaneously. This provides heightened secrecy but can also bring about horrible consequences. Scientific research often does not mix when disparate components are later combined.

“So they’re making these bioweapons,” she continued. “Here’s what scares me: You know why they’re so interested in your DNA? Why they want genetics? They want to target these bioweapons by race. If they can target bioweapons by race, that means they can create these viruses that can say, take out white Americans, black Americans, or Asians.”

This matches conspiratorial speculation that has accused China, the United States, Russia, Israel, Germany, and even Iran of engaging in race-specific bioweapons research. China is the most obvious culprit to truly be engaging in such diabolical endeavors as they are among the least diverse nations in the world. Racism is rampant. Black and White Chinese citizens are persecuted constantly. Then, there are the heavily oppressed Uyghurs. They are already being purged physically by the CCP, but their Turkic ancestry makes them ripe for genocide through biological weapons that target specific DNA characteristics.

“So let’s say they want to just attack America, and they say ‘we’re taking out white people,’ that will hurt white people all over the world, eventually,” she said. “But it won’t hurt them as Chinese Asians across the continent. So they want to eventually be able to create viruses that won’t hurt them and kill them but that will kill us.”

Bannon and Greene went onto note that the Chinese Communist Party leadership has demonstrated zero concern for life, even among their own citizens. They are the ultimate global elitists in that they are perfectly fine if nearly everyone else dies as long as they have control over the world with enough people to service them and their members.

When conspiracy theories like a race-based bioweapons program from the CCP receive corroboration, the media will suppress it. This is terrifying stuff, folks. It must be taken seriously.

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