Dr. Robert Malone: CDC Withholding COVID Data ‘Meets the Criteria of Scientific Fraud’

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Dr. Robert Malone declares that the CDC's withholding of COVID data meets the criteria for scientific fraud

The CDC is being accused of “scientific fraud” after it admitted that it withheld “large portions” of COVID-19 data from the public, including the safety of booster shots.

The New York Times revealed in a bombshell report on Sunday that the CDC has only published tiny samples of the data it has been collecting due to fears that certain information could lead to vaccine hesitancy.

Kristen Nordlund, a CDC spokeswoman, confessed to the Times that the reason for the lack of transparency is “because basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time.”

Amgreatness.com reports: She added that the data—such as vaccine status of COVID patients—could be “misinterpreted” by the public.

Among the data that has been collected but not made public is hospitalizations broken down by age, race and vaccination status over the last year and information on the effectiveness of booster shots.

When the CDC released data on the effectiveness of boosters for adults younger than 65 two weeks ago, it did not include full numbers on those between 18 and 49.

That data also showed the booster shots were not likely to benefit younger adults.

“This meets the criteria of scientific fraud,” said noted vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast. “If I were to publish an epidemiology paper in which I gathered data and I only published conclusions that met what I wanted them to be, deleting data, and not reporting the full picture—I would be thrown out of the university. I would probably lose my grants. I would be convicted of scientific fraud.”

Malone added that the “craven” CDC doctors behind the fraud should “come clean now because it’s going to bite them later.”

He said whistleblowers should contact Senator Ron Johnson’s staff and avail themselves to whistleblower protection “because of the massive losses incurred by the entire American public.”

Bannon explained that the CDC was using NYTs to launder their dirty laundry.

“The CDC understands they’ve been caught,” he said. “Here’s how you do information warfare. Understanding that you’ve been caught, you now go to the friendly mainstream media—the newspaper of record—and you leak.” Bannon said when they say “three people familiar with this data,” they mean someone from the White House and two people from the CDC who know a scandal is about to “blow up” so they leak out a whitewashed version of the story.

“There is going to come a time soon where there are legal ramifications—and these physicians and scientists at the CDC have a choice to make now,” Malone said.  “It’s a time of choosing: It’s a question of which side of the bar do you want to be on. Do you want to be a witness or do you want to be on the defense? That’s where we are at. We now have a smoking gun about the CDC and let’s not mince words: this meets the criteria of scientific fraud.”

It’s no wonder the CDC is hiding the data.

The Israeli Health Ministry recently published the results of a survey of adverse events among roughly 2,000 random Israelis who received booster shots, the Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz reported on Thursday. The results were shockingly bad.

 Just the top-line numbers from the survey should alarm us all. A total of 75% of women and 58% of men reported experiencing at least one side effect within the 21- to 30-day follow-up period of the interview. Obviously, the majority of these were minor, but 51% of the women and 35% of the men who experienced a side effect reported that as a result, they had difficulty performing daily activities.

The results also saw an alarming rise in more serious or potentially serious issues.

The same table shows that 5.5% reported experiencing chest pain. We already know that there are major safety concerns for cardiovascular issues and that the spike protein is very pro-inflammatory and potentially thrombotic. And remember, this is 5.5% of just one dose. If you extrapolate that to America, where 551 million doses have been administered, that would be approximately 30 million cases of chest pain! It doesn’t necessarily mean that it causes short-term or long-term damage, but again, with a new vaccine with a novel and dangerous mechanism of action and no long-term safety studies, how can this be allowed to continue without further study?

A total of 4.5% of those who received booster doses reported neurological side effects. Assuming the doses are all relatively the same, that would extrapolate to roughly 25 million cases of neurological side effects in the United States. It would lend a lot of credence to the military whistleblowers who report seeing more than a tenfold increase in nervous system diagnoses in 2021 and leaves no doubt that the DOD was bluffing when it responded with “revised” data showing not even a modest increase.

During his Conservative Review podcast on Wednesday, Daniel Horowitz interviewed a whistleblower who coordinated the clinical trial for Pfizer through its contractor, Ventavia, in Texas. Brooke Jackson was fired for exposing the fraud, abuse, and protocol violations at every stage.

Jackson is a clinical research auditor and certified clinical research professional. She has a simple message: Pfizer clinical trials are riddled with fraud and abuse of the scientific process to the point that there is zero credibility left. She comes with all the proof, which she has submitted to a federal court.

During the interview, Jackson described how researchers unblinded trial participants, used unqualified injection administrators, falsified data, and ignored adverse events. She also told Horowitz that researchers improperly enrolled Ventavia management and families to be part of the trial.

As more and more vaccine-related fraud comes out, it is important for people involved “to come clean,” Malone told Bannon.

“It’s time. You’re either going to be on the defense, or you’re going to be on the witness stand,” he said.

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