FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Predicted ‘Giant War in February 2022’

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Alex Jones predicted a February 2022 war

Another prediction by radio host Alex Jones has come true, this time one he made in October last year in which he warned there would be a “giant war in February.”

The prediction has turned out to be stunningly accurate after Russia obliterated Ukraine’s military infrastructure this week and looks set to occupy the entire country.

After discussing how he had been talking to insiders within the military-industrial complex, Jones issued the following prediction on October 21st, 2020:

“We’re looking at a giant war in February right now.”


Summit.news reports: “Currently that’s the projection with the top people on the earth right now who claim they’re not with the new world order combine – is war in February,” he added.

“This is the type of time like right before World War One, right before World War Two when everything kicks off,” said Jones.

The host went on to add that he hoped the regional conflict didn’t explode into a global war, but that there was a “consensus” from within the upper echelons that this is what would unfold.

Given that China is currently massively escalating its activity against Taiwan as well as making further moves to swallow up Hong Kong, Russia’s actions in Ukraine could unfortunately just be the start of a huge conflagration.

Twitter users reacted to Jones’ prediction of a “giant war in February,” with many impressed ay the accuracy of the call.