The Interview released Today – Was It All A Marketing Scam?

Fact checked

Following a world-wide ban of the film ‘The Interview’ after alleged cyber attacks from North Korea and threats of more attacks – Sony Pictures has today opened the movie in some US cinemas and online.

According to BBC News:

Sony Pictures had originally pulled the film, about a fictional plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

But it reversed its decision after critics – including US President Barack Obama – said freedom of expression was under threat.

Some cinemas organised midnight showings for Americans determined to see The Interview on the big screen.

However, Paul Joseph Watson from suggests the original move to ban the movie was a “cynical marketing campaign”. In a video released on Tuesday (below) Paul says:  “Sony will show The Interview in theaters on Christmas Day after all, suggesting that the entire farce could have been one huge cynical marketing campaign to promote the movie, bolstering the contention that the hack was an inside job.”

Was the North Korea “hack” an inside job?

Audiences are able to watch the movie online by visiting and paying $5.99.