‘Scientist’ Wants To Catch An Asteroid & Put An Umbrella On It To Block Out The Sun

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asteroid with umbrella

A so called scientist has come up with a novel idea to prevent the world from ending in a climate armageddon.

To save the world from global warming, or rather global boiling…. he wants to catch an asteroid, tether a massive umbrella to it and use it to shield us from the suns rays.

What could possibly go wrong?

According to The Mail Online : It’s so bonkers that you might assume it’s just the plot of an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. 

But scientists really are toying with the idea of catching an asteroid, in the name of saving the planet from climate change.

The bizarre mission, if ever given the go ahead, would then see a massive umbrella stuck on top of the trapped rock to shield Earth from the sun’s rays. 

István Szapudi, an astronomer from the University of Hawaiʻi, argued his far-fetched concept was merely an enormous ‘solar shield’.

The shield – which would be made of the ultra strong ‘wonder material’ graphene – would block energy from the sun and cool down our planet.

Info Wars reports: Szapudi’s paper on the subject has been published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“In Hawaiʻi, many use an umbrella to block the sunlight as they walk about during the day,” Szapudi said. adding “I was thinking, could we do the same for Earth and thereby mitigate the impending catastrophe of climate change?”


There’s no real explanation of how one goes about catching an asteroid spinning at thousands of miles an hour through space though, or how to then manoeuvre it into a stable position to attach un umbrella to it.

Minor details can be ironed out later perhaps.

While it sounds like something a blithering idiot would come up with while sitting on the toilet, the idea will probably be embraced by lunatic leftists who desperately want to block out the sun.

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