Israel Using Trained Prison Guard Dogs To Rape Palestinian Civilian Detainees

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Palestinian civilian detainees have been systematically tortured with electricity, suspension, stretching, nail-pulling in Israeli prisons, and have been raped by trained Israeli Defense Force dogs, according to multiple witnesses.

The “sadistic and barbaric torture” is worse than anything seen before in the history of humanity, according to a report by Ryan Grim, the Intercept’s DC Bureau Chief.

Citing the Gaza Health Ministry, the report indicates that many detainees have told similar stories regarding the nature of the torture and the role of trained military dogs.

“What we’ve heard from the detainees: there is torture with electricity as well as suspension and stretching and there is also nail-pulling and the biggest affliction we have heard from some,” said the director general of the Gaza Health Ministry.

“[These war crimes have] been reported by more than one person, that the occupation tortured them in a very sadistic and barbaric way, which has not been seen before in the history of humanity, in which they brought in trained dogs and made these dogs carry out vile actions against the detainees.”

“It was not just a single detainee who told us this story, but there are witnesses,” he said.

This news comes after multiple reports of Palestinian detainees who have been “internally mutilated,” while being held without due process.

Al Jazeera reports that 54 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli jails since Israel launched its deadly war on Gaza in October last year, according to the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs in Gaza.

The United Nations Human Rights Office in Palestine says it has been receiving multiple reports of mass detentions, abuse of prisoners and forced disappearances of Palestinians for months, while harrowing testimonies have been provided to aid agencies or posted to social media by Palestinians who have been released from detention.

In late April, the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, published details of the abuse of Palestinian prisoners who had been jailed without trial.

Its report included descriptions of regular beatings, prisoners being attacked by dogs, being forced to kiss the Israeli flag, being forced to curse the Prophet Muhammad, being deprived of water (including for a toilet in a cell shared by 10 inmates), the electricity being cut, insufficient food and being stripped naked.

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