Mysterious Booms Rock San Fransisco – Scientists Baffled

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Mysterious booms hit San Fransisco

Scientists have been left baffled after a series of mysterious explosions rocked San Fransisco, according to reports.

On Saturday night, May 28th, at about 11 p.m., three consecutive explosions rocked much of central San Francisco. The first one jolted this reporter out of bed, midway through a good book which landed on the floor. It was followed, within moments, by a second and then third very loud boom, the last accompanied by a flare that briefly lit up the night sky…

A similar explosion was heard at about 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31st. It was not quite as loud and was heard not quite as widely. But the Saturday night booms were heard (and in most cases felt) in Japantown, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley, and the Inner Sunset — to name a few areas where anecdotal checks were made

Someone, somewhere, must somehow have a clue on what’s going on, right Inquiring minds want to know. reports: If someone has a clue, they’re certainly not telling.

What’s most bizarre, though, is that these booms have apparently been occurring in the city…for quite some time:

Some Marin County residents are expressing concern, saying they’ve been hearing loud booms at night and don’t believe them to be from fireworks.”There have been really loud explosions!” Cristina Peralta said.

At that time, one Marin County deputy “found evidence that someone had lit some type of unknown device that damaged a large tree in the area.” But there’s still been no official explanation.

Meanwhile, here’s 2018, also in the Bay Area:

A mysterious light in the sky and a loud boom rattled some South Bay neighborhoods late Sunday night.

Hundreds of people who live near Branham High School in South San Jose reported on the community network Nextdoor hearing it Sunday just before midnight.

One local resident emphasized: “New Year’s Eve there’s always mortars or M-100s or M-1000s, going off around here…We know what those sound like. This was nothing like it.”

In 2015:

Residents living in some Berkeley neighborhoods have been kept up at night over mysterious booms heard in the area over the past few weeks. It’s an unsolved mystery that even has police scratching their heads. …

Joel Bryant said he heard the booms at least eight different times in the last month. “We’re puzzled by it,” he said. “It’s not as crisp as a gunshot. It sounds like an aerial bomb explosion.”

Folks, it goes back all the way to at least 2009:

I just moved to Lower Nob Hill, and keep hearing really large bang noises. They more often than not come from down the street near Tenderloin, and just sound like large banging noises, like a giant pallet of something just got dropped on the cement. I have no idea what these are, but they happen A LOT. At least once a day, and usually at night.

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