Elon Musk: “We’re Running Out of Conspiracy Theories That Didn’t Turn Out To Be True”

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Elon Musk says we are running of conspiracy theories that aren't true

X owner Elon Musk has declared that most of the so-called “conspiracy theories” debunked by fact-checkers are turning out to be true.

Musk recently commented on the coordinated attempt to unperson Russel Brand, describing it as a “witch burning” and questioning “why now?”

Musk made the comments during a conversation on X Spaces this week, when asked about Brand being demonetized on YouTube following sketchy allegations of sexual assault dating back a decade.

“There needs to be, obviously, a conviction here. It can’t be guilty until proven innocent,” Musk said, adding “we’re just sort of in the witch burning phase here; just being declared a witch is enough to make you a witch and be burnt.”

“Anyone could be accused at any time of false charges, and we can’t be destroying their lives on the potential of false accusations,” he continued.

Summit.news reports: Musk also said he found it interesting that the charges have emerged now after Brand has been “rattling the cage” of the “powers that be.”

“Seems like an odd coincidence that it’s happening when Russell is really gaining traction, questioning a lot of the conventional wisdom,” Musk noted, adding that Brand has been targeted as someone who is now spreading “conspiracy theories.” 

“I think we’re running out of conspiracy theories that didn’t turn out to be true,” Musk asserted.


Meanwhile, Musk has promised to trim down a list of ‘wrong speak’ words that Twitter had secretly instituted to demonetise content posted by anyone using them, noting that it is one of many “foolish things” that the platform adopted before he took over.

Musk also spent some of Thursday live-streaming from Eagle Pass in Texas where the Southern border crisis is overwhelming the community:

Fake lamestream media sellouts were big mad that Musk attempted to do some real journalism:

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