Police Arrest Ukrainian Man Posing As High School Pupil

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A 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant to the U.S. with an expired visa, who for several years masqueraded as a high school student was arrested by police in Pennsylvania.

Artur Samarin assumed the identity of Asher Potts and became a high-flying US high school pupil after his visa expired in 2012.

The Evening Standard reports:

He had somehow obtained social security documents and a drivers’ licence, according to police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

He has been charged with theft, identity theft, and tampering with public records, Pennlive.com reported.

As a student, the 23-year-old man was a celebrated member of the community, featuring as a youth panellist in a TV broadcast debate on violence and excelling academically.

Harrisburg school district official Gene Veno told Pennlive.com he was always “focused and driven”, adding: “I marvelled at his maturity.”

He was also pictured in a tweet posted by local politician Patty Kim.

After referencing his strong grades, she used the hashtags #goingplaces and #proud.

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