Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Confirmed As Democrat Plant

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Richard Spencer, leader of the alt-right movement, confirmed to be a Democrat plant

Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer has been confirmed as a Democrat plant who has been tasked by his masters to stir up racial hatred in America and help usher in totalitarian new laws. 

Spencer’s parents are from Dallas, Texas and have ties to the Bush family and billionaire Democrat donor George Soros.

Alt-Right Exposed reports: On October 8th it was revealed that Richard Spencer employed his close friend, and suspected pedophile, “TheBigKK” to gather data and require photographs of everyone connected to the Charlottesville rally on August 12th. Spencer required these measures to be taken in order to extract EXIF geotagging data from the images, so that he could obtain the home addresses of his recruits.

Later, on October 18th, Richard Spencer staged forward-facing cameras pointed directly at the 12 or so followers that he had sit in a carefully prearranged spot at his heckled, failed speech at the University of Florida. Alt-Right members were required to provide Spencer with detailed information about themselves in order to attend his event.

Spencer and Enoch Were Careful to Not Block Their Cameras

Although the failed speech has been widely lambasted and ridiculed by both the left and the right, the event served Spencer’s purposes, which was to gather intelligence on the Alt-Right, and incite some of their dupes into some acts of violence. He was successful on both counts.

Right on cue, Spencer family friend George W Bush came out of nowhere and condemned the Alt-Right, nationalism and Trump in the same speech, coincidentally on the exact morning of the day of Spencer’s speech.

Richard Spencer is an admitted atheist and socialist, who hates America, hates Christians and the Constitution, and thinks that Trump supporters are “cucks”.

Richard Spencer is not a conservative. He has praised Bolshevism, and has called himself the “Karl Marx of the alt-right”. His mentor is a confused, retired academic, named Paul Gottfried. Gottfried says that the United States is no longer a republic, and is Nietzschean social Darwinist, who is a disciple of Marcuse and has been described as a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.”

The robotic talking points that Spencer reads off in mainstream media interviews come from his boss, William Regnery II, founder of the National Policy Institute. While college drop-out Richard Spencer pretends to “run” NPI from the basement of his mother’s 3 million dollar condo in Whitefish, Montana, it is really Regnery who is calling the shots.

According to Spencer himself, Regnery has played a “vitally important and indispensable” role in bolstering the alt-right movement and that he “wouldn’t do a big thing without consulting him.”

William Regnery’s father, Henry, was the founder of the American Security Council, which is riddled with CIA agents, and it’s spin-off, the Center for Security Policy, is headed by Dick Cheney, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, the neoconservative warmongers who pushed George W Bush into the Iraq war.

Richard Spencer’s parents are from Dallas, Texas and he and his family have been close personal friends with the Bush family for many years.

Richard Spencer’s Parents, Rand and Sherry Spencer

This is a textbook case classic problem-reaction-solution that American patriots have been warning about for years.

Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley meticulously conspired and planned to carry out the Charlottesville terrorist attack over many months.

Alt-right leader and Richard Spencer confidant Jason Kessler was an organizer for George Soros’ Occupy Wall Street movement, and a self admitted leftist provocateur, who dumped his Jewish girlfriend because she was not “liberal enough”. He then magically transformed himself into an leader in Spencer’s Alt-Right movement, and attached himself to the Donald Trump campaign in November of 2016.

Jason Kessler supervised the conspiracy to use vehicles as weapons in the attack, on his personal Discord server.

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler encouraged the carry of firearms and the display of Nazi and ISIS flags at the rallies.

It is clear to anyone with in IQ above room temperature, that, if you are on the right, and you are going to an event organized by Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch, or Eli Mosley, you are, what Spencer’s hero Lenin called, a “useful idiot”. You are going to be photographed, documented, and you are going to have an FBI file labeled “Domestic Terrorist” on it for the rest of your life.

Spencer had his followers march carefully, single filed, at night, past media, police and FBI cameras, while holding torches next to their faces for maximum resolution. Some of the dupes lost their jobs, but all of them are neatly cataloged, in order to be subpoenaed in upcoming trials.

The tactics that Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley are using are straight from the George Soros/Saul Alinksy playbook, with a dash of Westboro Baptist Church thrown in.

The Alt-Right uses violent, inflammatory rhetoric to incite crowds, then, when the shooting starts, they run and hide behind police, as Jason Kessler demonstrated in the wake of Charlottesville. If the crowds do attack, they attempt to sue the police and whine for donations on Twitter about how their “civil rights” were violated.

The Alt-Right uses violent, inflammatory rhetoric to incite crowds, then, when the shooting starts, they run and hide behind police, as Jason Kessler demonstrated in the wake of Charlottesville. If the crowds do attack, they attempt to sue the police and whine for donations on Twitter about how their “civil rights” were violated.

We now know that Richard Spencer contracted with a Neo-Nazi terror cell named “Anticom” to provide armed security for him in Gainesville, and that he was forced to cancel an armed rally, complete with Nazi flags, in Charlotte on December 28th.

Three of Spencer’s followers were arrested after opening fire on group of people at a bus top in Gainesville, moments after his speech ended.

William Henry Fears, 30, of Pasadena, Texas; Colton Gene Fears, 28, also of Pasadena; and Tyler Eugene Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond, Texas; were charged with attempted homicide and held in the Alachua County jail. Tenbrink was also charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

It is not known at this time if these proud boys were members of Anticom, Atomwaffen Division, or another group. We do know that at least two of the three attackers were at the doomed August 12th rally, with Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler.

Suspect William Fears was a member of Vanguard America, which is the Neo-Nazi group that terrorist James Fields Jr was in, when he murdered Heather Heyer and wounded over thirty others. Fears followed Richard Spencer around the country, and attended his Texas A&M speech on December 6, 2016.

Suspect Tyler Tenbrink, the Neo-Nazi who opened fire on the people at the bus stop, also had plenty of money and free time to follow his dear leader around the country. He was also at Spencer’s speech at Texas A&M, and was with him at the Charlottesville rally.

Suspect Suspect Colton Fears was also a big fan of Richard Spencer. This loser showed up with a rifle to intimidate a gathering of socialists in Houston, Texas in April of 2017. He was also with Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler at Charlottesville.

What we do know is that Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley will not do any jail time, will deny any responsibility for the attacks, and will probably mock the victims and laud the thugs as “heroes”, who “did nothing wrong”. Maybe they “acted in self-defense” while opening fire on a group of bystanders at a city bus stop?

Spencer will probably jet back to Whitefish soon, for mimosas, and Enoch will return to his tawny Upper-East Side condo in New York City, as if nothing happened.

Judging by media coverage of both Charlottesville, their silence about the armed rally in Charlotte, and their tepid reaction to the shootings in Gainesville, it seems that Richard Spencer has friends in high places in the media.


      • This is a dopey conspiracy theory for stupid people. It’s also an excuse to avoid attempting to understand opposing points of view. You can just pretend they’re all fake rather than recognize that there are serious problems with globalism and its “bomb the world and invite the world to immigrate” policy.

        What moronic reading of history would lead you to believe that the world worked this way? When did any people just willingly give up their homeland because the wealthy wanted cheap labor and wanted to ignore the fact that it had become prohibitively expensive for people to responsibly afford to start families?

        You really find it hard to believe that people would object to having their country flooded with high crime outgroups that blame them for everything, destroy neighborhoods and schools, and drive wages down after 40 years of stagnant incomes? It requires a Russian conspiracy for people to object to mass immigration when they’re aware of the grooming gang scandals like in Rotherham or the new normal of Islamic terrorism? Teenage girls being nailbombed couldn’t possibly lead to people questioning the wisdom of mass immigration. It’s all Russian or CIA conspiracy.

        You sound like a damn fool.

        Get a goddamn job.

        • Globalism is a serious issue and people have been woken up for a long time but the elites understand that so they create controlled opposition groups to steer them how they see fit. I guess its an excuse for you to avoid attempting to understand mass psychology, Co-intel pro, and how they use the media to minipulate each side and push you into the direction that they want you to go in.

          You should probably study some history and how the European Union is nothing more then modern day Holy Roman Empire and that America’s military has been nothing but muscle for the Vatican.

          Plus, I think you are really self reflecting when you call someone a fool and then pretending you know what their job status is. Did you get triggered because someone disagreed with you or had an opposing opinion, snowflake?

  1. This article eminds of 2004-era truther-ing…
    …with a mix of the worst that Alex Jones can offer.

    I have always had a soft spot for truthers.
    …but their refusal to call out the Jew has created some distance between me and them.

    This “truther” right here is pretending to understand the Alt-Right though… and that’s just insulting.

    • Well, the only reason you you think its the Jooos is because that’s what you been spoonfed by Operation Mockingbird (CIA) alternative media. The Joos are just a proxy and put there to run finances. It’s Rome and the Jesuits who call the shots.

      • Speaking of Rome, why did they appoint temporary dictators? If you can understand that, you might understand what fascism actually was. Oh wait, I confused you for a person of average intelligence who actually cares about the truth.

        • Are you reading what you are saying right now? Appointed and dictator in the same sentence. Are you talking about the Senate who appointed the dictators and didnt let the people vote, is that what you are trying to say? the fascist symbol of the sticks tied together with an axe?

          You presented the question so why not inform us peons , Oh, enlightened one. You must be an oracle levitating over everybody.

  2. Looks like evil S0R0S is just involved in every evil and demonic organization trying to collapse US. WHY isn’t he in jail?

    • A lot of people have a hard time dealing with facts that conflict with a pre-existing belief. Like Mark Twain said. “It’s easier to fool people then convince people they have been fooled”

  3. This little nazi conspiracy sure has the same smell as the John Hinckley, Jr. patsy assassinator of Reagan who got his programming and training while being a ‘missionary’ with his father’s World Vision organization. BTW, Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s assassin, also was affiliated with World Vision. And the common thread is Poppy Bush.

  4. Also, don’t forget about Augustus Sol Invictus, another player in the “alt right” movement who went to Depaul (Catholic) and is a Crowlist.

  5. Although I find your conspiracy map of Richard Spencer’s web of interconnections intriguing, it was already apparent he that he was damaged goods (purity spiraling/sewing division/going agitprop during MSM appearances) to the majority of the Dissident Right by January 2017. It did not matter whether he was a FED or not after Charlottesville because he had already proven he was no leader of men, just a middle-aged version of the spoiled rich kid from every 1980s teen movie.

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