Reports Suggest Clinton Will Step Down This Week

Fact checked
Rumors circulating that Clinton will drop out of presidential race this week

According to reports, Hillary Clinton is about to drop out of the presidential race after Anonymous release her 33,000 deleted emails this week. 

According to a post on 4chan, a user-generated imageboard website, Hillary was warned by her superiors that she must now drop out of the race following the simultaneous threat of new leaks by Anonymous, Wikileaks, and Project Veritas. reports:


With the threat of a massive blockbuster by Wikileaks and Project Veritas coming this week, get your popcorn ready! Now, Hillary could change her mind, or this could be a hoax also, but if you look at the following messages and the dates and put one and one together, you get some crazy stuff.



If you are shaking your head, we had the same reaction.

Hillary and her campaign have been on borrowed time and the bell tolls for them. It’s time to come clean and step down if that’s the decision. This country needs a leader, and Donald Trump should step into the White House on January 20, 2017, and take command of a nation that was fundamentally transformed into a liberal hellhole.


  1. If this happens the dems will probably try to run Kaine, who no one has voted for, or Biden, who would be a disastrous president…they should offer it to Bernie, but they probably won’t. I’m voting Stein, in any case.

  2. F^%k Trump! only an idiot would want trump in the white lady, and we have all se his first lady in the nude , girl on girl, you mofo have gone crazy.

  3. GTFOH! Go Hillary 2016!!! You crazy, prejudice, simple motherfuckers need help!! For real…..You crazy ass mother fucken white people need some serious help!!! You’re sick people!!!!!! Make me ashamed to share the same dam skin with you!!! FOH!!

    • Look who the idiot is….hehe
      And just a reminder filthy language is so out!
      President Donald J Trump 2016!

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