“We’re Coming for Your Children!” MAPs Openly Chant at NYC Pride March

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MAPs openly chant they are coming for children at gay pride march in NYC

A mob of MAPs (“minor attracted persons”) and drag queens kicked off the weekend openly chanting “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” during a Pride march in New York City.

Hundreds of drag queens and pedophiles gathered for the 2023 Drag Queen March on Friday as part of a series of LGBTQP-related demonstrations over the weekend to conclude Pride Month.

“We’re here! We’re queer! We’re coming for your children!” the crowd loudly chanted as they marched through the East Village.

Infowars.com reports: Still to come this weekend are the “Dyke March” on Saturday, and a bigger Pride March and the “Queer Liberation March” on Sunday.

Recall that in 2021 a gay choir released a song claiming they plan to “convert your children.”

As the Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson noted last month, the left’s relentless campaign to groom children into participating in the LGBTQ movement is part of a more sinister agenda to normalize pedophilia into law.

The trans movement’s disturbing obsession with children — the “all ages” drag shows, the pornographic books in school libraries, the push to allow the castration and sterilization of minors — isn’t just an aggressive tactic to prove that transgender people are safe around kids or to groom kids into becoming trans. It’s part of a broader strategy to normalize pedophilia.

Unfortunately, the grooming won’t stop just because Pride Month ends.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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