FBI Illegally Defies Court Order – Refuses To Turn Over Seth Rich Murder Evidence

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FBI ignore court order and refuse to hand over Seth Rich murder evidence.

The FBI has illegally defied a Federal court order and refused to hand over evidence related to the murder of Seth Rich.

 In September 2023, a judge demanded the FBI and DOJ provide all they had regarding Seth Rich to Attorney Ty Clevenger. The FBI responded requesting a whopping 66 years before releasing the information.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Then in late November, a Federal Judge ruled the FBI must hand over evidence regarding former DNC employee Seth Rich’s murder to Ty Clevenger.

This is big news since one year earlier the FBI was attempting to bury the information on Seth Rich for 66 years.

No media outlet has covered the Seth Rich story as extensively as The Gateway Pundit.

Judge Amos L. Mazzant ruled the FBI must hand over Rich’s personal laptop, work laptop, a DVD, and thumb drive within 14 days.

It’s now been over 40 days since this ruling came down and the lawless Chris Wray FBI has defied the court order.

Attorney Clevenger tweeted this out late last night.

Here is the latest response by the FBI to the court’s demands.

The current FBI brass believe they are above the law. This will only stop when there are legal ramifications for their lawless actions.

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