Ted Cruz Ad: Let’s Take Our COUNRTY Back

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Ted Cruz

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz who recently won in Iowa is advertising his credentials to the American public in an ad that spells COUNTRY as COUNRTY.

No big deal you might say in this new era of political inexpediency, where there is a rush to reach bottom in all fields, including spelling.

But let’s spell correctly before time runs out and we should lose our COUNTRY to a chaotic hostile world full of non god-loving evil folk and to meaningless words such as COUNRTY.

Gawker reports:Ted Cruz


Above you see a screenshot from an already-deleted new ad by the Ted Cruz super PAC Courageous Conservatives that proudly and boldly spells the word “country” COUNRTY. Beautiful.

Courageous Conservatives is a super PAC with a direct tie to Jeff Roe, a close advisor of Cruz’s. (Roe’s hometown Riverfront Times called him “the architect of the Texas senator’s surprising first-place finish” in Iowa.) Courageous Conservatives’ stated goal is to “make some aggressive ads that people will want to share on social media,” so, mission accomplished.


One letter either way and its gone, forever, like Rome. “Oh Rome, so powerful and yet fragile that you had to whisper the name, otherwise it could vanish as in a dream…” said a wise emperor once in a movie. Eventually the Roman Empire vanished from the face of the earth, not by being defeated wholemeal in a major battle, but maybe by a misspelt word during ancient times. A lesson from history that was never learnt.

Ted Cruz
Caesar Marcus Aurelius, the great stoical philosopher played by Richard Harris in Ridley Scott’s Oscar winning film ‘Gladiator’

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