Footballer Maddy Cusack Dies Suddenly At The Age Of 27

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footballer Maddy Cusack

Sheffield United confirmed the unexpected death of female football star Maddy Cusack last week.

Her untimely death at 27 has caused a lot of speculation on social media with many wondering if the Covid jab could be to blame.

While the exact cause of Maddy’s passing is still unknown, Derbyshire Police have however announced they won’t be treating it as suspicious. They added that a report from the Chesterfield coroner’s office will soon be forthcoming.

InfoWars reports: In a video of a behind-the-scenes media day posted to YouTube by Sheffield United FC just last Wednesday, Cusack appeared to be in excellent health.

The young and healthy soccer player’s unexpected demise sparked claims it may have been induced by the Covid jab, which has been blamed for the recent spate of deaths among numerous young and fit athletes.

But, is there any evidence Cusack even took the jab?

In 2021, Sheffield United’s home stadium Bramall Lane hosted a walk-in vaccine clinic “offering first and second doses of both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs,” according to the Sheffield Star.

In a video shared three times over the next seven months by the Sheffield Health and Care Partnership, Cusack appeared in a testimonial promoting the vaccine drive.

“Hi, my name’s Maddy Cusack and I play football for Sheffield United Women,” she said in the two-year-old video. “I’m going to have my vaccine when I’m invited to, and I’m going to have my vaccine to ensure I keep my friends and family safe.”

It’s unclear how many jabs Cusack may have received, or whether they were Pfizer or Astrazeneca jabs.

The Covid jab has been blamed by numerous top doctors for causing myocarditis and other heart afflictions that can often result in life-ending blood clots, cardiac arrests, heart attacks, or strokes.

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